Sunday, 23 September 2012

Springing around

What a gorgeous weekend it was! We spent most of Saturday assembling an Ikea couch, but to fuel our project we went out for brunch first for some yummy food and vitamin D. We found ourselves in Parkdale and decided to go to Parker's cafe - best decision of the day!
Instagram moments from Saturday
 1. My order at Parker's cafe: New York Bagel with Spinach, Cream Cheese and Avocado with a side of poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce! Divine! Their coffee was great too.
2. Starfish ring from Cotton On (from ages ago) and I clearly remember it was only $1! A great find!
3. Brunch outfit.
Mr_Pre's Brunch
He had a beautiful Spinach, Feta and Mushroom Omlette (which also comes with Pumpkin but he doesn't like Pumpkin so asked for that not to be added) with Turkish Bread and Pineapple juice. I tried a bite of his Omlette - as I always do - and it was reallllly good (but my breakfast was better ;))!

Floral Dress: *$25 (Dotti)
Navy Long Cardigan: *$20 (Supre)
Brown Boots: $40 (Iniu Shoes - South Wharf DFO)
Bag : *$44.95 (Colette)
Ring: $1 (Cotton On)

Outfit Total: $130.95
* = sale prices

Still enjoying the sunshine on Sunday (with the slight nip in the air) we headed off for some shopping and coffee and here's what I wore...
Peplum Top: $45 (Forever New)
Suede Waterfall Jacket: $139.95 (Dotti)
Pants: Gift (RRP $45 - Zara)
Sunnies: $35 (Sportsgirl)
Mid-heel Black Shoes: $19.95 (Rubi)
Chainlink Ring: $15 (Topshop)
Gold Collar necklace: Gift 
(see here for better photos of ring and necklace)

Outfit Total: $299.90
* = sale prices

Hope everyone else had a great weekend too! Back to work tomorrow. Sigh!


  1. Love that you list the cost of your clothing ensembles. It helps put shopping decisions into perspective and really illustrates that dressing up does not need to put a hole in our wallets!
    K xx

    1. Thanks, RFK! :) Glad you appreciate it! I totally believe you don't need to have truck-loads of cash to dress well (it'd be nice if you did-but you don't have to ;)). Plus I love nothing better than finding something that is is good value- that's how I remember all these prices.

  2. Ahh I've been meaning to go to Parkers cafe! I usually go to the cafe's around Mordialloc since thats my local area and I always forget about Parkdale! lol. Love that stripey peplum top!!

    1. We don't usually go out that way but we were in the area and this place, even though slightly off the Main Street, looked really busy - so I thought it must be good! And it really was! Will definitely go back there again.
      PS: Thanks, the top is from last year's spring/summer collection, before Peplums were as big as they are right now. Forever New ahead of the times - who would've thought! :D

  3. I loved Brown boots and Peplum top..very stylish as always .

  4. Actually, I loved Mr_Pre's brunch .... :)

    1. Oh it was good no doubt! But mine was just better :) Nothing beats a good New York Bagel!

  5. looooove the white star ring~


    1. Thanks! :) It was a great random find!