Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Home Organisation

People who know me in real life (lucky buggers!), will not believe that I have written this post. Me and  home organisation don't normally go together. And yet here we are today. Well, I think, I am as qualified as anyone to talk about home organisation because a busy (*cough lazy) person like me will always find the quickest, easiest way out to make their home look less messy and more dressy. 

I like pretty things. But often because of the amount of pretty things I have my surrounding space doesn't look as pretty as it should. And then living in a rental adds to the complication as I don't want to invest in storage that I will have to lug around with me when I have to move houses that may not even fit or look good in the next property I move into. And changing the sheets on my bed is as DIY as I get. 

So here are a few cheap and versatile solutions I've found that have worked for me...

As soon as you enter my house, the first thing you will see in the hallway is an exhibition of my shoes.

Expandable 2 tier Shoe Rack x 2 (so I can buy more shoes!): $10 each (Kmart)

The red, white & black drawer like boxes are originally Paper Planners from Typo. But I use them for storing shoes...

...because not all shoes can be kept on display! Some need to be tucked away only to be brought out for special occasions.

Paper Planners: $19.95 for Large and $14.95 for Small (Typo). I bought them on VIP night, so a further 30% off each. You can even label the front of the boxes so you know what's in them.

Next, I shall show you my dressing table. The top of my Malm chest of drawers: $99 (Ikea) - used to be the most cluttered part of my room. Just because it was an empty, flat surface I would chuck anything and everything onto it from food to dirty clothes to keys. Then I realised, if I filled the space up with a few things I regularly use and others that are merely there for decoration, I wouldn't be as tempted nor will I have enough room to cover this space up with unsightly objects. So here's what I came up with...

Face mirror (I don't know what it's called but I love it): $20 (Ikea)
Pot (faux) Plant: $7 (Ikea)
White and Red Ramekins used to hold my jewellery, hairclips etc.: $2 each (House)
Makeup Brush Holder which is actually a glass that once housed a scented candle: $2.50 (Ikea)
Scented Candle: $10 (Spotlight)
Large picture frame: $5 (Ikea)
A cute photo of you and your loved one in the colour scheme to match your decor: Priceless! ;)

And for my jewellery that doesn't fit in the Ramekins...

Metal Birdcage Noticeboard used as wallart/jewellery stand: $29.95 (Typo) - VIP night discount 30%. 
And if your bedroom is like mine with not even a nail to hang a wall clock on, you can buy adhesive chrome hooks from BigW or Kmart at around $4.

The key, I think, is finding unique ways of utilising your storage and not just shoving everything you use into drawers but rather showcasing it for ease of use and transforming storage into decor and vice versa.

Hope you enjoyed this little insight into my house and the way I live. :)


  1. I loved this post..its awesome.Such a unique way of organising stuffs.<3

  2. I loved this post..its awesome.Such a unique way of organising stuffs.<3

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you found it useful!

  3. Awww ... very pretty ... artistically displayed ... my compliments!!!
    I specially loved the birdcage ... really cute!!

    1. Thank you! I debated getting it at first, but I'm glad I did. It's a pretty unique but useful object.

  4. Shoe storage is something I struggle with! I've overtaken one of the bookshelves at home with boxes - I'm contemplating taking some photos and sticking them to the fronts of the boxes so I know what's inside.

    Love your dresser.

    1. Yeah shoe storage can be tricky! Some people like to use their Billy Bookcase (http://www.ikea.com/au/en/catalog/products/60169821/) shelves to display/store their shoes.

  5. Ooooh, I love your jewellery bird cage!

    Your dresser is gorgeous too! So organised :)



    1. Thanks! The challenge now is to keep it this organised. But I find this system is easier to maintain than any I've had before.

  6. the stuffs well organized, it's look so cute all of it !
    i really like them :3