Monday, 17 September 2012

Laying Low

It's been a slow week & weekend. There are a few things on the horizon that I am looking forward to but right now I'm just laying low. As a result, I don't have anything super-exciting to share. Just uploading a few random photos from my iPhone taken over the last few days.

 New Haircut & Colour (from Biba Hawthorn again)

Monday - Spring Work Outfit:
Top: *$10 (Gripp Jeans Liquidation Sale)
Cardigan: $35 (Portmans)
Pants: Gift (Zara) 
Necklace: *$10 (Asos)
Shoes: *$17 (Forever New)

Outfit Total: $72
* = sale prices


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! After years of testing, trying (and some tears) I've finally found a great hairdresser in Tess from Biba! So happy! Highly recommend her if you're in the area. And the girls at the Salon are lovely!

  2. Great budget oufit. That Portmans cardi is really cute. I haven't been in Portmans for years but seems they are back on track but seeing others outfits.

    1. Thanks, indi c! Portmans has really pulled up their game. They're one of my favourite stores atm and have been for the last few months. Specially for work-wear.