Thursday, 6 September 2012


Currently numero uno on my wishlist is 'something embellished'. Ever since I did the Elie Saab post (and since a little before that even) I've desired a sparkly, feminine, glamourous 'something'... 
I'm drawing inspiration from these splendiferous pieces...

Don't know where it's from but this is the
(If anyone knows who it's by or where it's from please post in the comments below)
If Kate Middleton's doing it, it must be right!
Another Elie Saab Masterpiece - Evan Rachel Wood at the Emmys
Love the detailing
 And embellishments are found not just on dresses but also...

Shorts (although I can't imagine these being very comfortable on a hot summer's day)
Skirt - ASOS
Even Shoes! 
Top - Topshop
These sparklers are not just for NYE! Paired with a cardigan or blazer or even a loose denim shirt, they make for a very chic daytime look.

I've been contemplating getting the Topshop top, but at $96, I just can't bring myself to do it. Hope it goes on sale soon!

BARGAIN ALERT: Speaking of Sales, Chadstone Spring/Summer VIP Party is on Wednesday, 12th September 9am-11pm as usual! This one is my favourite one of the year because its just in time for my Birthday shopping (my Birthday is at the end of this month) I will most definitely post all the details of the loot. And if anyone wants to buy me a Birthday gift, this is a good time, too - you know what I want ;)...just kidding...(or may be I'm not :P)

Will post VIP Night Offers as soon as they're out. They mostly come out the Monday before the Sales. Watch this space...



  1. Ahh I love this post! So much glitter and sparkle! :D

    1. Us girls! We always like sparkly things! :D