Monday, 29 October 2012

Sparkly Sparkles

Just dropping in quickly to say that - Finallllllllllly! I found the perfect embellished top on Thursday! The right colour, fits with the trend but it's still a bit different from everything that's out there, fit my budget (well, almost) and most importantly fit me! ;) No points for guessing where we met - my favourite store (these days) but ofcourse, Zara.

Isn't she pretty! (Needs a bit of an iron though)
No, for once it wasn't on sale - but since I wanted it SO badly (if you've been reading this blog you'll know how badly), I made the exception and paid full price.
The damage = $79.90.

What I can wear it with: 
Blue jeans + a Blazer/Cardigan if its cold + Ballet flats in the day.
Black Pleather mini-skirt + Ankle Boots at night.
If I had a nice off-white, pleated, knee-length/short skirt, I could even wear it to the Races (but sadly I'm not going this year!)
So versatile! I'm sure I'll think of more combinations. Hopefully I'll do an outfit post soon.

Oh! I forgot to mention in my last post about this great bargain I got for my Mani+Pedi - $29 only with hot oil treatment from Diva & Co. in Hawthorn East, purchased from Ourdeal. And for only $10 more I could have bought an OPI nail-colour except they were sold out of this shade, so I didn't want to buy one for the sake of buying :(. But all in all, a great deal! Would definitely go there again.

I leave you with the photo that's currently on my iPhone Lock-screen so that I can remind myself to...

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Lunch at Lorne

To cheer my sullen mood, on Sunday Mr. Pre decided to take me for a long drive to get some fresh air and sunshine. We bought a new car a month ago and had been waiting for a chance to break it in by taking it for a long spin (but we had to wait till it had done 1000km to take it on a long-ish journey, according to him - it hit 1000ks on Friday). It was a gorgeous sunny day, with a slight nip in the air - so jumpers on, we drove to Lorne (hey, that kinda rhymes!).

We ate at the Ovenhouse Restaurant. Even though it wasn't warm, the sun, sand and sea were making me feel all summery so we ordered the perfect summery meal for lunch...
Seafood Linhuine with Prawns, Squids and Mussels
Crumbed Calamari
 This followed by Cheesecake and coffee at the bakery next door to the restaurant. Then we just strolled around the strip and walked on the beach enjoying the breaks of sun through cloud. Mr. Pre's iPhone 5 captured the beauty of the day perfectly in this panoramic picture...
Partly Cloudy
 Oooh and look I got a mani+pedi (not at Lorne, previously) with a colour similar to the Chanel one on my Spring/Summer Wishlist. This is OPI's "A Good Mandarin is Hard to Find". Perfect for the beach! I really need to find this "Hard to Find" shade.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Dinner & Movie (& shopping)

Hello all! Hope your week has been better than mine. At long last the weekend is here! Went to the movies tonight. Had Indian for dinner first at one of our favourites, Sahanis in Hawthorn. Got 25% off the bill thanks to a voucher we had from the Red Energy Rewards book (which is kind of like the Entertainment Book but for Red Energy customers). Then off to Chadstone to watch Taken 2; decent movie, not as good as the first, of course, as is usually the case with sequels. Again we had vouchers from Hoyts rewards so the tix were half-price (cheap! cheap!). Didn't get to take photos so here's a Polyvore of my Dinner+Movie Outfit:
Going to the Movies

Boyfriend Blazer: *$35 (Factorie)
Navy and White Striped Cold Shoulder Tee: $14.95 (Valleygirl)
Red Trousers: *$25 (Zara)
Long Gold necklace with Jet Stone: *$19.95 (Stellar)
Royal Blue Mid-heel Suede Pumps: *$40 (Novo)
Black Hobo Bag: *$44.95 (Colette)

Outfit Total: $179.85
* = sale prices

Before the movie, since I was at Chadstone, I had to go visit my favourite store - Zara. There I found one of the first things on my Spring/Summer Wishlist - Printed Pants!

Zara Trafaluc Floral Print Pants - $59.90
And although I hadn't added this on my Wishlist, I had been wanting something Green - a summery, lace dress from their TRF range fit the bill perfectly, so that somehow found its way to the checkouts, too (I used the $29 balance on my Gift Card which is all used up now)...Unfortunately, I cant find pictures of this so, will show you in an outfit post soon.

Sorry for such a short post after so long. As you can probably tell, I'm a little preoccupied. Waiting for certain things to get sorted out - things that I have no control over. But, that's life.

Have a great weekend! xoxo

Monday, 8 October 2012

S/S 2012/13 Wishlist

Daylight savings begins. It's official - Winter is over. I'm so excited! I LOVE warm weather! In the winter, I complain on an average around 100 times per day about how cold it is. But you'll never hear me say - it's too hot! Bring on the sunshine! Bring on spring/summer outfits! Time to add some colour to my wardrobe! Time to make a Wish-list! It's a short list this time, so where possible I've tried to include pictures of options.

Zara Glitter Heels
Photo Courtesy: Lucy Laucht

Printed Pants/Trousers

Kit Pinata Purple Nail Polish (or similar)

(A little late on the bandwagon, I know but) An Envelope Clutch


Chanel Holiday Nail Colour (or similar)

Told you it was a short-list. Stay tuned to find out which of these actually end up in my wardrobe (my bet is - All of them!)...

Until then, here's something to think about....

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Another year older but none the wiser.

Welcome to my Birthday party! It was a crappy weekend weather-wise (as it always is on my Birthday) but no winds or rain or hail (or drunk footy-fans after the Grand Final) could stop me from painting the town red! My house was the staging area, where everyone met to share some Champagne, nibbles and cake.

My Birthday Cake: Chocolate Mousse Cake from The Cheesecake Shop.
If the candles say ^that's my age - then that's my age! And no, it's not mispelt,
that's how Mr. Pre spells "Sweetie" :). (The dips were for the chips not the cake, don't worry.)
Nibbles: Chips, crackers, dip and the pink, yellow and peach stuff is Sushi!
Don't those colours look great! 
I found a Groupon Voucher for limo hire (you know it, I can sniff a bargain from a mile away) and I couldn't resist ! So we drove to the city in a 10-seater Porsche Cayenne!
More Champers!
My Neon Pink Heels glowing in the LED lights on the limo-floor
It was G-L-A-M all the way! My friend HB got us into the VIP section at Fusion in Crown. Thanks for that, HB. You are the man!
This was our view from our very own private balcony!
Birthday Outfit

White Peplum Scuba Dress: *$48.95 (Dotti)
Fluoro Waist Belt: $16.99 (Forever New)
Neon Pink Heels: *$149.95 (Wittner - they're now $99.95 - damn!)
Yellow Bracelet:  $19.99 (Lovisa)
Blue Bracelet & Pink Bangle: *$7 each (Forever New)
My Favourite: Layered Rhinestone Bib Necklace: Approx. $20 (Forever 21) 
Gold Clutch: *$22 (Colette)

Outfit Total: Approx. $291.88
* = sale prices

The other fluoro bracelet on my left hand is the one we got at the club as the VIP access pass - trendy huh!

On Sunday, it was still cold but sunny, perfect day for a drive to the Dandenong Ranges. We had lunch in Olinda and Hot Chocolate at Skyhigh, Mt. Dandenong.

See Melbourne CBD in the distance?
All in all, a great Birthday Weekend! A BIG THANK YOU to all those who made it so special!