Saturday, 1 September 2012

I did it! 30 days of NO SHOPPING!

Yaaay! I haven't shopped for 30 days! My last purchase was at Melbourne Airport Duty Free when I bought Marc Jacobs' Daisy (50ml) on 2nd of Aug on my way back from Thailand (so really, 1st Aug cause I was still on Thai-time). I'm so proud I managed to honour the commitment I made publicly on the blog after the massive shopping spree(s) (but then Thailand happened so I had to tweak the rules a little). Honestly, I hadn't given myself a set time-limit, I just knew I had to cut down and save money after spending on my trip etc. Plus I've been so busy with work and stuff that I haven't had the time or the energy to shop (which was a blessing but very well-disguised, I must say). I just went with the flow and before I knew it, I had lasted a whole month!

And that is why, on this gorgeous first day of Spring I decided to celebrate and visit some of my usual digs again ;)...

Chapel St around 5pm
Ok, we are moving backwards now...I actually, went to Chadstone first. My first (and pretty much only) stop at Chadstone was Zara. And to get myself ready for Spring, I got these pants...

I'm loving the candy colours that are out this season. I have a few tops and scarves to fit the trend  but I needed bottoms, and these were the perfect colour - the only colour that is part of the trending pastel rainbow that I didn't already own (except mint, I really don't like mint, even as a flavour...let the gasping begin....just a personal choice - I don't mind it on others). But, but, but I had a gift-card for Zara so these pants at $45.95 technically cost me $0, so I still haven't broken my ban! And you've gotta reward good behaviour, that's the best way to keep going.

What was even better was that I was ready to walk out with a US size 6 pair but when I tried them on they were loose! And for the first time after a reallllly long time, I fit into a US size 4 (don't be deceived by the angle of this pic which is making my hips look massive)!! Even in this slim-fit style! WIN WIN WIN! So, I decided to reward that behaviour with a Red Velvet Cupcake :)...

After that, I went to Topshop but just to browse. And I bought an iPhone cover from Dotti for $9.95 which is something I really needed but you can't count that as shopping now, can you? No you can't! So, 30 days and counting....:D


  1. Wow this is a great achievement! I tried 30 days but I failed miserably... ended up spending MORE that month than I do in a usual month :(

    1. Awww...I really think what worked for me was not giving myself an actual time-limit and just keeping myself busy. I only realised it after it had passed that I had lasted 30 days. But everyone is different...some people work better with goals. And you don't HAVE to start from the 1st of the month, just start tomorrow and see how you go. Good luck!