Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Rachel Zoe Project returns

This news is Maj! Like, it's totally Ba-nanas! When I read it in my twitter-feed, I died! 
Hehe...ok, I'll stop with the Zoe-isms. You get the point. The Rachel Zoe Project is back for its 5th season after an almost 1.5 year long hiatus. Bravo TV will start airing it from the 6th of March. Don't know when Arena in Australia will catch up but hopefully it'll be soon and we can have new eps to look forward to in the near future.
The show, if you haven't already watched the first 4 seasons and its gazillion re-runs, is like most other reality shows: a little bit trashy, full of drama, every insignificant event edited to look like the biggest tragedy. But throw in a bit of hollywood glam, beautiful people, a smidgen of an insight into the lives of the rich and famous, gorgeous designer outfits, LA snobbery and voila you've got The Rachel Zoe Project! Guilty-pleasure-TV at its best!
On the show you also get to see a little bit of what happens behind-the-scenes when her A-list clients need to have their red-carpet looks sorted.
The 2 darlings of the Oscars this year were both styled by RZ.

Other celebs who have her on Speed Dial for couture control are:
Jennifer Garner - her very first celebrity client.

Cameron Diaz

Demi Moore

Eva Mendes

Still love this gorj white dress and turquoise necklace she wore to the Globes in 2009. This may have, kind of, subconsciously inspired my birthday outfit.

She's also Guest Editor for

Has her own successful fashion and accessories line.
 And she's a mum to a (very stylish) toddler.

 Of course her life is Reality Show-worthy!

Can't wait to watch her and all the amazing new outfits this season.
I always think Black and Gold when I think Rachel Zoe
Love her 70s, boho, chic style
She also does classic, glamour with an edge really well

Monday, 25 February 2013

Favourite Summer Work Outfit

As the title suggests - this is my favourite summer work outfit! Comfy, loose, silky pants are a must-have in your summer work wardrobe. And they are so versatile; can be paired with loose or fitted tops. Solid colours on top are best if your pants already have a print. And low to mid or even high heels help elongate your frame as baggy, printed pants can sometimes make you look shorter/broader than you actually are.
These photos were taken Friday after work (hence the cropped-face).

Loose White Top: *$15 (Cotton On)
 Floral Print Pants: $59.90 (Zara)
Pointed Black Heels: *23.30 (ASOS)
Disc Necklace: Gift (Trent Nathan-Myer)
Manciure: $15 (OPI - Lucky Lucky Lavender)
Bag: Usual

Work Outfit Total: $113.20
 * = sale prices 

Short post today. Long week ahead. Hope you all manage to find fun ways to beat the heat. Ciao for now! xx

Sunday, 17 February 2013

From Runway to Driveway - for less but of course

This was a sheer coincidence. I had this photo of me taken 2 weeks ago (before NYFW had begun) to do a "What I wore to work for the week" post but I only got to Tuesday and then wasn't able to take photos of my outfits, so I gave up. Then when I was browsing through New York Fashion Week Runway Trends photos, I found DL1961's model wearing almost exactly what I had worn to work a few days before! Except I bet mine is a fraction of the cost of the DL1961 outfit. Talk about Fashion sans Fortune!

White Tee: *$10 (Dotti)
Jeans: *$69 (Jeanswest)
Bracelet: *$5 (H&M)
Glitz Black Bling Flats: *$60 (Santini)
Bag & Sunnies: Usual

Comfy Work Outfit Total: $178.95
* = sale prices

Yep, I get to wear jeans to work. They're pretty cool like that.
Oh and another thing I wanted to share, which you could say is part of my outfit and I can't believe I haven't shown this before - my iPhone Cover! 
I absolutely loved it when I first saw it. Almost everyone I know has commented on it but I never thought I would actually have random strangers liking it and coming up to ask me where I got it from...

 It was an impulse buy (and a great one at that!) from the checkout counter'll never guess...wait for it...Rubi Shoes! And it was a measly $5.
 I thought it would only last 2 days, but I've been using it for almost 4 months now. *Knocking on wood.

I've had a really productive week. Managed to tick most things off my never-ending-to-do list, both at home and at work. Don't you just love that feeling! Plus I've even posted more on the blog. I feel like the weather being warmer helps. You get more done because you don't want to snuggle up in bed or hide under blankets all the time. I only hope that this productive streak continues. 
Enjoy the rest of your week. Until next time - adios!xx

Friday, 15 February 2013

Love the Day of Love

Yes. I'm one of those. I'm a dipped-in-chocolate-coated-with-candy-hugged-by-teddy-bear-bathed-in-rose-petals-struck-by-cupid-kinda-romantic. And I lurve Valentine's Day and doing something special on the day.
So, this year it was his turn to plan VDay. And he did well. All I knew was we had to be in the City by 7pm. And for once, we were there well before time. So, we took some outfit photos.

Engineered Lace Shift Dress: *$83.96 (Portmans)
Mid-heel Black Shoes: $19.95 (Rubi)
Earrings: *$11 (Portmans)

Valentine's Day Outfit Total: $114.91
* = sale prices

And then as we walked along South Bank away from the restaurants and towards the river, I realised, we were going to spend the evening on a floating restaurant!

We had the best seats!

  Gorgeous views! Perfect summer's night! The weather could not have been better. Between courses we could go out on the deck and enjoy the summer breeze, which we happily did.

The only disappointment was that the food wasn't great. It wasn't bad - just very mediocre. So, I won't waste much time talking about it.
 Left from top to bottom: EntrĂ©es - King Prawn Salad, Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli, Main - Chicken with Mushroom Sauce, Mash and Veggies.
Right from top to bottom: Chargrilled Eye Fillet with Roast Veggies and Peppercorn Sauce, Desserts & Cheese platter to share, Our table.

A beautiful evening.
Hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine's Day...or whatever day it is that you choose to celebrate your love!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

NYFW Fall 2013: Street Style

It's that time of year again! When all fashionable eyes peer over their Prada sunglasses onto New York to see what lies ahead for the future of fashion. As coveted as the designs on the Runway may be, the off-Runway Street Style has become just as much a part of the allure of NYFW. And while things were heating up at Fashion Week (I really didn't want to use this metaphor - but it was right there!) New York was hit by a snow-storm called Nemo (which, I personally think, is too cute a name for a storm!), challenging fashion's most powerful to succumb to the forces of nature (even Marc Jacobs had to postpone his show) and give us, what's quickly becoming the the talk of the blogosphere & twittosphere: "Nemo-Chic". Yes, these cold-blooded fashionistas have done the unthinkable - opted for comfort over whilst still being fashion(able)! I think, they've chosen well.
Olivia Palermo
Elin Kling
Kelly Framel - Functional fashion
Miroslava Duma looking cute as a button!
Comfort and Style
Classic B&W with an edgy twist
Blair Eadie - Great coat!
Helena Glazer - I would kill for those shoes!
On trend from head to toe
Elizabeth Minett
Melbournians, hope these photos help you stay cool over the next 7 consecutive days of over 30deg C. temperatures! I wish I was in New York right now....then again, I always wish I was I was in New York!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Friday: After Work

After a long work-week I needed to unwind whilst making the most of the last of the warm days (sigh!) Alumbra at Docklands provided the perfect setting for this. I love the ambience there. And the outdoor area is perfect for after-work drinks with high-rises and yachts floating along the Yarra river as the backdrop.

2 for 1 Happy Hour!

Our view of  Docklands


Apple flavoured Shisha

For dinner we found ourselves back in Hardware Lane. I had a Penne Pasta with Kransky at Il Nostro Posto.

 And now for the most important part: What I Wore ;)
My Day to Night outfit

Green Maxi Dress: *$63 (Portmans)
Pale Gold Filigree Earrings: Gift ($39.95 - Angelique)
Gold Link Bracelet: Gift ($49.95 - Trent Nathan)
Gold Peep-Toe flats: *$10 (Rubi Shoes)
Bag: Usual (*$44.95 - Colette)

Outfit Total: $73
* = sale prices

I've used my trusty Colette bag so much now, I don't think it's fair to include it as an expense. ;) It's great being able to makeup your own rules as you go along. My blog, my rules! ;) Plus I've included the price in there if anyone wants to calculate the value.

And that's all I have to say about that. Have a great week!xoxo