Monday, 30 April 2012

Wild Weekend

If you thought this post was going to be about a crazy Saturday night party, tequilla shots, loud music, fire-twirling, smeared thought wrong. Sorry! The "wild" in my weekend doesn't refer to my Friday or Saturday night's adventures. Friday was a night in with friends, eating pizza, drinking a yummy strawberry+raspberry+champagne concoction and watching 'The Inbetweeners'. Saturday I met some girlfriends for coffee and long conversations! Surprise, surprise! 
The "wild" refers to my weekend's shopping adventures...Bye-bye boys! Hello girls, I knew you'd stay!..The "wild" refers to - you got it, Animal Prints!

Confession: I'm scared of animal prints! But I love them, in small doses. So here's how I decided to inject some fierceness into my (relatively) tame closet.

Original Price $69.99, I got a further 25% off and only paid $52.49

BARGAIN ALERT: If you sign up as a Member at Betts, you get 25% off your purchase.

Sportsgirl - Erin Animal Bamboo Scarf

The other leopard in my wardrobe, is this scarf from Sportsgirl, $19.95 on sale for $9.95.

BARGAIN ALERT: Sportsgirl has $10 off selected scarves and beanies instore.

And here's how I wore the scarf on my evening out with the girls...(yaay! my first outfit post!)

Top: *$35 (Bardot)
Scarf: *$9.95 (Sportsgirl)
Bag: *$20 (Forever New)
Jeans: *$69 (Jeanswest)
Shoes: *$15 (Rubi)
Earrings: *$11 (Portmans)

Outfit Total: $159.95
* = sale prices

(Bad photos: courtesy my Blackberry not-so-Smartphone :( can't wait to get my iPhone in June!)

I wore the flats to work today. Unfortunately, I don't have pics but just FYI, I wore it with a red full-sleeves top, white cardigan, grey coat (its bloody cold in Melbourne!), jeans and dull/oxidised gold bracelet and necklace, with my hair tied up in a high bun.

Signing out for now, see you next time...where the wild things are ;)....

Sunday, 29 April 2012

A/W 2012 Wishlist

Contrary to popular belief, I don't buy ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I want. I WISH I could! But I can't and I don't. I'm certainly not an impulse-shopper. My purchases are ALWAYS well-planned and researched (a process I thoroughly enjoy) because I hate buying something and then going into the next shop only to find something better or heavens-forbid...cheaper! So, I never swipe my card until I've weighed all my options. But before this meticulous researching, I make a wishlist for the season. Some items from this list make the cut, others don't while some become part of my permanent, neverending, wishlist.
Here's what I'm currently coveting for Autumn/Winter 2012...

Faux Fur Vest and/or Faux Fur Snood/Collar

Forever New Cape-Style Coat (or something similar) 

Open Asymetric/Waterfall Cardigan or Jacket

Navy Lace skirt/dress/top

Something in this rich wine colour
Statement Necklace, preferably gold

Now which of these wishes come true and which don't, you'll have to wait and watch...

Until then, I leave you with this quote from George Eliot -

“It seems to me we can never give up longing and wishing while we are still alive. There are certain things we feel to be beautiful and good, and we must hunger for them.” 

Saturday, 28 April 2012


Gossip Girl (GG) is one of my FAVOURITE tv shows! And like the many million fans of this show, what attracts me most to it is the fashion and the brilliant styling. All hail, Eric Daman! The storyline is of secondary importance. Like most television dramas its a roller-coaster ride of sometimes intriguing, sometimes predictable and often annoyingly unrealistic plots. But 'fashion' is the constant star of the show! I rarely go back thinking 'I really want to see what happens next', mostly its 'I really want to see what they wear next'. 

Some of my favourite moments from the show...

Blair's (Leighton Meester) pretty, playful, girly yet sophisticated outfits & Serena's (Blake Lively) sexy, sassy, ├╝ber chic looks:

Even the minions of the show like *Jenny (Taylor Momsen), *Vanessa (Jessica Szohr) and Ivy (Kaylee DeFer) had/have well-defined, individual styles...
* = characters no longer appearing on the show

Jenny Humphrey: Rock Chic

Vanessa Abrams: Boho Chic

Ivy Dickens: Wannabe Serena
I have to admit, I only watch GG around pay-day because every time I watch this show, it makes me want to go on a shopping spree and make myself look like Eric Daman styled me (on a tight budget, ofcourse). I can't resist things that look to me like "very Serena" or "very Blair" styles. 

IF Serena and Blair, fondly referred to as S & B, were to shop in Australian shopping malls on my budget (and that is a verrrrrrrrrrry BIG "IF"), I'd say their favourite places to shop would be categorised as follows:

"Very S & B" stores = Forever New, Portmans   
"Very S" stores = Bardot, Charcoal, Sportsgirl  
"Very B" stores = Dotti, Barkins, Myer Miss Shop
Recently, whilst watching the "It Girl Interrupted" episode I fell in love with Serena's look...

...and her skirt reminded me of one that I had seen at Forever New that I'd liked, but didn't realise how much until seeing S in something similar.
Siri Pleated Skirt
Lucky for me it was down from $59.99 to $49.99 less 40% off sale price and a further 20% off because the belt was broken (which is fine, I have many belts that go with it) and so I ended up paying $23.99 for the last one in my size! Patience pays. Now all I need is the perfect Bretton top and I'm all set.

You know you love it! XOXO, miss_pre.

Friday, 27 April 2012

DFO Haul

I think it is my duty to warn everyone out there - Spencer St DFO (Direct Factory Outlet) in Melbourne is a DANGEROUS place! Once you go in there, you WILL NOT come out empty handed! Here's what I found myself coming home with the last time I was there...

Glassons Quilted Jacket
I bought this jacket because we're planning on going on a ski-trip in the winter and I thought this baby would be a great companion in the snow. 
Umm, no we haven't booked our holiday, I don't know where we're, sorry we haven't decided which Ski Resort we'll be going to. But hey, a girl's gotta plan ahead! 
The best part, the price; originally $59.99 down to $55, further 50% off sale = $27.50, I had a Glassons gift voucher so I only paid $17.50 for a winter jacket fit for the snow!!! Best bargain ever! (Sorry about the bad photo, will definitely do an outfit post when I wear this jacket.)

Here's a similar Burberry jacket for your viewing pleasure:

On every trip to DFO I never leave without stopping by at Cotton On Body...

Cotton On Body Floral PJs

Floral print on PJs

I picked up these PJs (again, sorry about the dark photos) for $15 and a couple of basic cotton tops for gym and home at $5 each.

Good thing is Spencer St DFO shuts at 6pm. Bad thing is...Topshop is open till 7pm! So from Spencer St, I made a quick dash to Chapel St and made it just before the doors closed (because I had to take a train and then walk) but it didn't matter because I knew exactly what I wanted...
Topshop Colour Block Shorts

...these Colour Block shorts for gym - originally $58 down to $23

OK, I better go now, I've been really naughty....its past midnight and I'm still up!...Oh, you thought I said I was naughty because of all the shopping I did...well, you ain't seen nothing yet! Tip of the iceberg. ;) Good night! xx

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Pretty in Print

If summer's biggest trend was colour-blocking, this season's biggest trend is bold prints in bright colours. Everywhere I look I see these eye-catching prints...

On runways:

L: Prabal Gurung, NYFW Spring 2012, R: Mary Katrantzou, NYFW Spring 2012

On celebs:

L: Delta Goodrem at David Jones AW 2012Launch, R: Kate Mara at Ferragamo Fragrance Launch 

In the shops and on the Internet:


They made my wardrobe of solid (albeit, bright) colours look boring and ended up becoming my (s)inspirations for my most recent ASOS purchase (along with the Pieces Weekender Bag mentioned in the previous post): 

Vero Moda - ASOS
Imagine my delight when I got it for a further 20% off the already reasonable GBP-22.00 price, and ended up spending only about AU$ 25! So at that price, I shouldn't feel too guilty, right? ;)

Autumn...and a new beginning

Spring, generally, marks the beginning of something new - but my new beginning starts on this cold, rainy Autumn day (errr, night)...and it feels great! Plus even though its Autumn here in Australia, its Spring in other parts of the world, so its not as weird. I've been planning this blog for a while now and I'm super-excited that this is FINALLY HAPPENING!

Well, so lets get right into it, shall we? Here's a snippet of what you'll be seeing on this blog: 

- My fashion inspirations (which, when cause me to become obsessive and frantically search all over the internet and high streets till I find something similar and buy it, I'll call "sinspirations"). 
For example, my Autumn Style Inspiration comes from these pictures...

- My latest purchase(s) (this one isn't technically the most latest purchase, but its the last one from ASOS). 
This vintage-style, Pieces weekender bag from ASOS which was perfect for my weekend getaway to the Dandenong Ranges over Easter Break...

- And finally, the AWESOME price that I snagged the bargain for. 
This Pieces bag was originally GBP-45.00, but I bought it with a 20% off promo code, so it came down to GBP-36.00, approximately AU$56.00. Great price, I think, for something so unusual!

So, now you've got a taste of what I'm about, keep checking back for posts like these and much much more! Until then...ciao! xx