Sunday, 17 February 2013

From Runway to Driveway - for less but of course

This was a sheer coincidence. I had this photo of me taken 2 weeks ago (before NYFW had begun) to do a "What I wore to work for the week" post but I only got to Tuesday and then wasn't able to take photos of my outfits, so I gave up. Then when I was browsing through New York Fashion Week Runway Trends photos, I found DL1961's model wearing almost exactly what I had worn to work a few days before! Except I bet mine is a fraction of the cost of the DL1961 outfit. Talk about Fashion sans Fortune!

White Tee: *$10 (Dotti)
Jeans: *$69 (Jeanswest)
Bracelet: *$5 (H&M)
Glitz Black Bling Flats: *$60 (Santini)
Bag & Sunnies: Usual

Comfy Work Outfit Total: $178.95
* = sale prices

Yep, I get to wear jeans to work. They're pretty cool like that.
Oh and another thing I wanted to share, which you could say is part of my outfit and I can't believe I haven't shown this before - my iPhone Cover! 
I absolutely loved it when I first saw it. Almost everyone I know has commented on it but I never thought I would actually have random strangers liking it and coming up to ask me where I got it from...

 It was an impulse buy (and a great one at that!) from the checkout counter'll never guess...wait for it...Rubi Shoes! And it was a measly $5.
 I thought it would only last 2 days, but I've been using it for almost 4 months now. *Knocking on wood.

I've had a really productive week. Managed to tick most things off my never-ending-to-do list, both at home and at work. Don't you just love that feeling! Plus I've even posted more on the blog. I feel like the weather being warmer helps. You get more done because you don't want to snuggle up in bed or hide under blankets all the time. I only hope that this productive streak continues. 
Enjoy the rest of your week. Until next time - adios!xx


  1. Really cute outfit! Might have to check out that phone cover too!

  2. love the peplum top and jeans, cute outfit! thats good that you can wear jeans to work :D

    ooh i saw that phone cover on ebay when i was looking for a new cover for my phone... but i thought it would make it feel too bulky! looks good on your phone though!

    and yes warmer weather definitely makes us more productive!

    1. The phone cover is super light! That's why I thought it would never last because it feels like it could snap. But it hasn't as yet, so fingers crossed!

  3. Leatherette Peplum Top is freaking gorgeous! x

    1. Thank you! And I got it at Dotti of all the places! Who'd have thunk it!
      I love Dotti - but I thought this was quite avant garde for them.

  4. I love the white tee under the peplum top - uber cute :) I'm also digging your sale inspired blogging; it's always appreciated by this budget-restricted fashionista :D

    1. Thanks, Alba! And I'm glad to see you're enjoying the blog and scrolled this far to leave a comment. :)


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