Sunday, 11 May 2014

Winter Inspirations

Metallic, structured, leopard print - this skirt ticks all the winter-must-have boxes!
Oversized Icy Blue Coat - Colour of the season
All black with on trend accessories
Quilted Jumper
Black & White Tweed jacket
 And all I need is for all these pieces to be in my wardrobe and I'll be all set for winter!

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Online Shopping

So, finally a few days ago, I succumbed to the temptations thrown at me by ASOS. Yes, I blame ASOS! I had a few items saved from when I was browsing and they were already on sale, so when ASOS said I could take a further 20% off the sale prices, I couldn't resist anymore. Here's what I got...

These are some of my photos from Instagram (have you checked out my Instagram account yet @fashionsansfortune). I'm glad the jacket doesn't look too glittery or jazzy irl. And its quite soft and warm, too. I haven't tried on the dress yet (oh, yes the one on the right is a dress). Links to the styles and clearer photos below...

ASOS Lace And Floral Kimono Dress
ASOS Knitted Bomber With Quilted Metallic Fabric
This is not an editorial, nor am I affiliated with ASOS in any way - but I have to say it's my favourite online store. I haven't bought from any other site as much as I have bought from ASOS. Even back in the day when they used to charge delivery fees, in Pounds! May be its partly that loyalty+nostalgia factor as well, as this was the first online shopping destination I discovered, and now they've made it big so I always go back. Even though the quality and fit can be hit and miss, I find they're very reliable and the website itself is user-friendly.
What other websites do you like? Would love to know what some other favourites are.