Thursday, 13 September 2012

Chadstone VIP Night - Spring/Summer 2012

So, as you all know, I was super-excited for the Chadstone VIP Night this season - it had been over a month since I'd shopped, I got my first Credit Card, my birthday is coming up, the weather is not as cold anymore - lots of reasons to be pumped for shopping till late on a Wednesday night (and I don't mind the whole big crowds thing, its all part of the fun)! Anyway, as it always happens when you get over-excited about things, this VIP night was a bit of a let down for me. I did really well in the first hour - bought a few things from Dotti, which I'm really happy with....
Collarless Tux Jacket in Peach - $69.95 less 30% (Perfect for spring!)
Tapework Yoke Tank in Blue - $49.95 less 30%
(Love this colour!)
Superhero Leatherette Peplum Top - $49.95 less 30%
(This was the best buy of the night! And this photo doesn't
do justice to how good it looks irl)
And I also bought a dress from Dotti, which I don't want to reveal right now as it could potentially be my Birthday dress (but it could potentially not be my Birthday dress) so I will reveal after my Birthday (yes, my Birthday is a very big deal to me - if it was up to me, I would have it declared as a public holiday but, sadly, it isn't up to me :p).

Other than that, I just bought stuff to wear to the gym - because confession: my gymwear is so daggy, its not even funny! I always put all my thought, effort and money into clothes I wear for 'work' and 'going out', but never for my 'workouts'...

Speed Running Pant in Black/Citron - $24.95 less 30%
Jodie Jogger Pants in Coral - $19.95 less 30%

Strappy Banded Hem Top in Black - $24.95 less 30%

Mesh Panel Top in Coral - $19.95 less 30%
To keep my gymwear ontrend with the pastel-boom this season and to keep me warm on cooler days I picked up this Jacket from Factorie...
Varsity Jacket - $14.95 (But not to wear with above styles, to go with other pre-owned gym gear)
...I'm not a sporty sorta gal, but I think ^this looks cute. I also bought a Purple Nike t-shirt from Sportsco for $20. But THAT WAS ALL! Didn't find anything interesting after that. I was looking for shoes for my potential-bithday-dress but no luck. Zara was a bit of a disappointment. And Myer had just released the Material Girl by Madonna "range" which had all of four, that's right, FOUR styles! Or atleast there were only 4 styles left when I went there. Sad, sad, sad. The only hot thing I bought after that was Nandos Chips with Peri-Peri salt!

Now, I have a new Credit Card but nowhere to spend it, sigh! Back to the drawing board shopping ban...


  1. I'm glad I didn't bother after reading this.

  2. I love those running pants, were they from Cotton On? I'm always on the lookout for cute gym gear too!

    Chadstone VIP sales are usually overhyped anyway... if you keep an eye on the stores there regularly you will know when good sales are and dont have to wait for one of these nights.

    1. I normally buy a lot on VIP nights (see previous VIP night post for proof) but I guess when you are looking for something in particular, in this case my birthday dress, that's when it's the hardest. If I wasn't looking for that, I would have bought a lot more.

    2. PS: Krissy, yes, the pants are from Cotton On :)