Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Another year older but none the wiser.

Welcome to my Birthday party! It was a crappy weekend weather-wise (as it always is on my Birthday) but no winds or rain or hail (or drunk footy-fans after the Grand Final) could stop me from painting the town red! My house was the staging area, where everyone met to share some Champagne, nibbles and cake.

My Birthday Cake: Chocolate Mousse Cake from The Cheesecake Shop.
If the candles say ^that's my age - then that's my age! And no, it's not mispelt,
that's how Mr. Pre spells "Sweetie" :). (The dips were for the chips not the cake, don't worry.)
Nibbles: Chips, crackers, dip and the pink, yellow and peach stuff is Sushi!
Don't those colours look great! 
I found a Groupon Voucher for limo hire (you know it, I can sniff a bargain from a mile away) and I couldn't resist ! So we drove to the city in a 10-seater Porsche Cayenne!
More Champers!
My Neon Pink Heels glowing in the LED lights on the limo-floor
It was G-L-A-M all the way! My friend HB got us into the VIP section at Fusion in Crown. Thanks for that, HB. You are the man!
This was our view from our very own private balcony!
Birthday Outfit

White Peplum Scuba Dress: *$48.95 (Dotti)
Fluoro Waist Belt: $16.99 (Forever New)
Neon Pink Heels: *$149.95 (Wittner - they're now $99.95 - damn!)
Yellow Bracelet:  $19.99 (Lovisa)
Blue Bracelet & Pink Bangle: *$7 each (Forever New)
My Favourite: Layered Rhinestone Bib Necklace: Approx. $20 (Forever 21) 
Gold Clutch: *$22 (Colette)

Outfit Total: Approx. $291.88
* = sale prices

The other fluoro bracelet on my left hand is the one we got at the club as the VIP access pass - trendy huh!

On Sunday, it was still cold but sunny, perfect day for a drive to the Dandenong Ranges. We had lunch in Olinda and Hot Chocolate at Skyhigh, Mt. Dandenong.

See Melbourne CBD in the distance?
All in all, a great Birthday Weekend! A BIG THANK YOU to all those who made it so special! 


  1. Happy bday!

    Cute dress and love the necklace what a bargain

    1. Thanks, Indi C! The necklace is from Bangkok :)

  2. Happy Birthday Miss_Pre. Looking very lovely in the white peplum scuba outfit!! And the neon pink heels look awesome! Am sure you had a wonderful day!!!

  3. Happy birthday!! Loving those shoes, they're so.. so... ADORABLE!


    1. Thanks, Demi! :) I love those shoes, too!! They're such a HAPPY colour!

  4. Your party certainly looked like it was a blast! Getting a limo is always one of the best ways to add a sense of luxury and glamour to your birthday, which suited your personality pretty well, if I might add. The LED lights on the floor are something you won’t see on any other car. Anyway, I might be a month too late but, happy birthday anyways!

    @Earnestine Novick

    1. Thank you for your wishes! Yes, the limo was a huge hit! Can't wait to do it again...