Monday, 25 June 2012

Zigzag Tights and Zara Blazer

Why do the weekends go so quickly and why does Monday seem to stretch forever! I've had to remind myself about 5 times today that 'its only Monday!' :( Anyway, my weekend was quite chilled out and fun. Caught up with a few friends, all of whom I hadn't seen in a while. Went shopping too. Finally wore the Supre Zigzag tights that I'd bought during the Chadstone VIP Night sale to my shopping-trip with my girlfriend on Saturday...

Love this chain-link ring!
Jacket: $34.95 (Pleather Jacket - Valleygirl)
Red Knit Top: $59.95 (Sportsgirl)
Leggings: *$16 (Supre)
Boots: $39.95 (Rubi)
Bag: *$44.95 (Colette)
Ring: $15 (Topshop)
Gold Collar: Gift

Outfit Total: $210.80
 * = sale prices 
On my shopping-trip I bought this Zara Floral Silk-Satin Blazer (among other things)...

I'd been wanting a floral blazer for a while now and knew Zara had some in their collection, so I'd been visiting the store weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) going all the way to the city from the burbs where I live and work to check if they had it. Plus I have a Gift Voucher for Zara that I wanted to use. Finally on Saturday I saw they had a few blazers out in store, but this one was the one I liked most. 
2 left in my size and 2 women got to the rack the same time as I did-just a fraction quicker than me. Both of them stood there, looking at the blazer, checking it out, contemplating. I just stood in between them both waiting for one of them to give it up for what seemed like about 5 minutes (but it probably wasn't that long) almost wanting to say 'neither of you seem to want it as much as I do, just give it to me!' And then one of them did! Hehe...I feel like I've fought hard for this one, and really earned it. ;)

Atleast now I have something to look forward to in my busy work-week ;). But have to remind myself that one must...

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Accessorising, accessorising we must do our accessorising...

...well! Accessories make or break an outfit - everyone knows that! Some of my accessorising inspirations from here-there-and-everwhere:

Love chunky necklaces!
Never thought I'd be into Neon/Fluoro - but I SO AM!
Colour-blocking isn't just a summer trend!!
Brooches and waist-belts for added glam on work outfits
Bright bag+neutral outfit=GENIUS!
Walk-all-over boots!
Statement bag, shoes, scarf and oooh hair!
With accessories like these all you need is a white tee and blue jeans!
Classic, timeless pieces.

Keep your hands warm...
Digging all her accessories!
Another statement necklace.
Simple and chic.
Some more timeless pieces.

Love the clutch and shoes (but is it wrong, I WANT those pants, too?!!)
What are some of your favourite/staple accessories??....

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Let it snow!

Over the Queen's Birthday long weekend, we went up to Mt. Buller. We left at 5.30am on Saturday, to make the most of the weekend.
At sunrise we stopped to take in the views: en route Mt Buller
Day 1 Outfit
Day 1 Outfit close-up

Jacket(super-super warm): *$70 (Bardot Blanket Slouch Coat
Warm Leggings: $45 (Zara)
Gloves: *$13.95 (Portmans Piped button Gloves)
Boots: $60 (Spendless Shoes)
Sunnies: *25 (Witchery)
Scarf: Gift

Outfit Total: $213.95 
* = sale prices
We had 2 wonderful days at Buller!
I tried skiing - I won't say I skied. I just stayed on the beginners' slopes and tried not break any bones. (By the way, I didn't wear my "Day 1 Outfit" while skiing, don't worry, I was wearing proper ski-gear)

Day 2 Outfit (& finally it snowed!)

Jacket: *$35 (Valleygirl)
Faux Fur Scarf: *$27.96 (Jacqui E)
Jumper: *$27.96 (Portmans)
Jeans: *$49 (Zara)
Boots: *$40 (Iniu Shoes - South Wharf DFO)
Leather Gloves: *$33.95 (Forever New)
Cateye Sunnies: $30 (Sportsgirl)
Bag: *$44.95 (Colette)

Outfit Total: $288.82
* = sale prices

We ended Day 2 with this Hot Chocolate+Rasberry Liquor conconction by the fireplace!

On Day 3, we woke up to frost (we were staying at Merrijig in the foothills of Buller, so no snow there)! I finally got to wear the Glassons jacket that I'd bought for this trip even before booking the trip - the one I'd mentioned in this post.
Day 3 Outfit
Jacket: *$17.50 (Glassons)
Full-sleeves Top - Red: *$10 (Glassons)
Jeans: *$49 (Zara)
Boots: $60 (Spendless Shoes)
Black Snood: *$5 (Cotton On)

Outfit Total: $141.50

* = sale prices
We were about to go have breakfast when this photo was taken, and I didn't want to scare you with my 8am, no-makeup, grumpy, its-the-last-day-of-my-holiday, I'm-hungry-I-need-breakfast-now face, so I cropped it off. No need to thank me.
Hope you had a great long weekend too! All the best for the coming long weeks! Stay warm...

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Backstage at a Fashion Show

So, on the weekend, I went to watch and support some wonderful, upcoming, young (aged 14-25 - yes, YOUNG AND SERIOUSLY TALENTED) fashionistas at the Expressions Fashion Gala sponsored by the Butterfly Foundation. This team of budding designers, models, photographers and artists have been putting up a Fashion Show every year since 2007 at the Malvern Town Hall. The aim of these shows is not only to provide a platform to young talent but also to promote healthy body image and diversity. 3 very good aims! So, off I went to be a part of this cause (tickets were only 15$) and was quite impressed with what I saw. Here are some pics from the pre-show event and a sneak peak at what was going on backstage:

Backstage pass:
Model getting her hair done

Model getting body-paint retouched

Photographers capture the action

Muna Yemane - Model & Designer of the the 'Out of Africa' tribal collection
More photographers and models

Art displays at the show:
Body Art


Make sure you check back again soon for more photos from this Event. And don't feel bad about missing out this time, there's always next year! Keep checking the Stonnigton City Council webpage for details on how to be a part of or support this Event.