Monday, 27 August 2012

Sunday Afternoon Tea

After all the picture-heavy posts, I've decided to take a break and give you a break and only do a very short update with very few photos. (Also, I've updated my previous post on Blake Lively with more info about her outfits and where the photos are from)

I went to an Afternoon Tea Party today, and the day started of looking really springy and the sun was out, so my outfit reflects that, but then it ended up being quite a crappy day - ah Melbourne! Here's what I wore:


Brooke Pocket Shirt: *$29.40 (Forever New)
Siri Pleated Skirt: *$23.99 (Forever New)
White Clutch: *$16 (Forever New)
Shoes: *$40 (Novo)
Necklace: Gift (Just Jeans)
Bangles & Bracelets: Gift (Assorted from Lovisa)

Outfit Total: $109.39
* = sale prices

Oh! And I forgot to mention in my Thailand posts about the best bargain I found on my trip! And it wasn't even in Bangkok or Phuket or Singapore (where I had a stopover)...
I found the best price for Daisy by Marc Jacobs 50ml at Melbourne Airport Duty Free - $58 only! Who would've thought!

Anyway, that's all folks! Have a great week ahead! xx


  1. Wow love the necklace, its such a statement!
    And lol at the weather yesterday... I was hanging out clothes in the morning thinking ahh today is gonna be such a lovely day... then i went to southland for a couple of hours and when I came out it was FREEEEEZING. damn melbourne!
    good bargain on the daisy as well! i wanna find a cheap (but not fake) bottle of flowerbomb in my travels.

    1. Thank you, thank you! :) I've got too many statement necklaces now - I've got to stop!
      Can't wait to see posts of your travels (at least you'll get out of CRAZY Melb. weather)...:D