Thursday, 16 August 2012

Bangkok Diaries - Part 1

Let's start at the beginning...
Checked in at Hotel Grand Millennium Sukhumvit 
And this ^ is how far it was from the nearest shopping mall - Terminal 21. Photo taken from footbridge linking to T21.
Rooms were great!
See-through windows to the bathroom, which make the room look spacious (but don't worry, you can shut the blinds if you want to ;)). Can you spot my reflection, taking photos? 

Spent the afternoon strolling through T21 which is a mall that kind of has an airport-like theme to it and every floor is named after a different city like Paris, London, Istanbul etc.

Strawberry Daiquiri
Had lunch there which was pretty mediocre - but this gorgeous drink I had tasted just as good as it looks whilst enjoying city views!
Got straight down to business the first evening and headed to Siam - the shopping district with all the best malls!
I really enjoyed walking around bricks & mortar versions of brands that I normally only get to experience online. Central World Plaza has the biggest, effin' Forever 21! Even I got lost in that store, and that's saying something (I'm usually great at finding my way around malls, even ones I've never been to before - its a gift). I did most of my shopping at Forever 21 - 2 tops, 2 skirts and 1 necklace (which is not a lot by my standards). All this for a total of around $100. Not bad, eh?

Amphawa Floating Market
The next day, we combined shopping and sight-seeing and drove 1.5 hours out of Bangkok to visit this amazing place called the Amphawa Floating Market. Open daily from about 9am - 4am (more than enough time for even someone like me)! Its accessible by boat and is a truly unique experience!
This lady made us THE BEST PAD THAI I'VE EVER HAD!!
Served with a piece of lime, chilli powder, crushed peanuts and a pinch of sugar, all to be mixed while eating. Made on a boat! Served and eaten on a boat! All for less than $1!!
We then stepped off the boat to stroll around the market. You'll find all kinds of stalls and shops selling everything from cheap fresh food to jewellery, clothes, toys etc. Everything a good market has to offer.
But I also ran into the occasional quirky, fashion boutiques which I absolutely didn't expect to see but was pleasantly surprised by. There is something for everyone at the Floating Market!
And amidst all the street-food stalls, there was this swish cafe+bar+restaurant which looked very inviting.
So I sat and enjoyed a "Mai Thai" as I watched the boats float by (whilst Mr_Pre continued shopping - funny things happen in Thailand!)

Tourist Outfit - 1
And here's what I wore to the Floating Market (and then some mall-shopping afterwards), this is what I like to call a "Tourist Outfit"; comfy+functional and still fashionable:

Top: *$10 (Gripp Jeans Liquidation Sale)
Coral & White Striped Skirt: $10 (Forever 21)
Crossbody Bag: *$15 (Glassons)
Colour Block Ballet Flats: *$25 (Forever New)
Necklace: $19.95 (Stellar)
Assorted Bangles: Gift (part of a larger set from Lovisa)

Outfit Total: $79.95
 * = sale prices 

Ok, this post is getting realllllly long! So, I'll have to stop now. I'll add more outfit photos and sight-seeing details to a new post tomorrow. See you then. Off to bed now. Ciao! xx


  1. Sounds like a good start to the trip! Can't wait to see more shopping!

    1. Thanks, Miss D! More details being updated now...but unfortunately there wasn't too much more shopping because with 2.5 days each in Bangkok & Phuket, when I had to choose between sight-seeing and shopping, I chose sight-seeing because you kinda feel like shopping can be done anywhere but you won't get to see what's unique to these places again...but that's not saying I didn't manage to buy things along the way. ;)

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