Thursday, 16 August 2012

Bangkok Diaries - Part 2

SO, in Part 1 I managed to cover all the important stuff from my first day and a half in Bangkok, in Part 2 I'd like to tell you about the next day and a half - so we are still basically on Day 2.

Bangkok is famous (or should I say infamous?) for its night life. It's a party-town and there's no denying it. Bangkok looks like a different place altogether at night. A really good example of this was the footpath outside a subway station near our Hotel that has street-food hawkers and stalls during the day, gets replaced by this street-bar at night! It's the craziest thing I've ever seen!

A Street Bar Named Fantasy
But having a drink at Fantasy Bar will always remain a fantasy of mine. For our night out, we chose something a little more "up market", something more "high end", a little bit more "top tier"...hehehe...okay I'll stop with the stupid puns. Well, we went to a roof top bar & restaurant on the 63rd floor (now you get the puns ;)) of Lebua State Tower Hotel, called Sirocco. Have a look at the photo and see if it looks familiar - whether or not you've been to Bangkok, I'm sure most people reading this would've seen this Bar...
Hint: Like I said before, things in Bangkok look different at night than they do in the day...
It's where Hangover 2 was shot (refresh your memory here)! Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the Hangover movies, but I like movies in general and love to see places where significant scenes from popular movies were shot, in real life. Once you go all the way up there, and most people go because they know this place from Hangover, you've got to have yourself a...
Not the best tasting drink in the world, but its one of those must-do things. Unfortunately, when we got up there, we got to enjoy the outdoor area for only 15 minutes before it started raining and for safety reasons they moved us all to the indoor bar and restaurant so I couldn't take many photos - but the view from up there, as you can imagine, is ah-mazing! But for your viewing pleasure, here's my night-out-on-the-town outfit:

Black Tube Top: Approx. $10 (from years and years ago, can't even remember where from)
Blue Skirt: $20 (YNot, Chadstone)
Turquoise Low-Heels: $120 (Hype)
Gold Clutch: *$22 (Colette)
Bracelets: *$7 each (Forever New)
Layered Rhinestone Bib Necklace: Approx. $20 (Forever 21) 

Outfit Total: Approx. $206
* = sale prices
I luuurve this bib necklace I bought from Forever 21! It just completely changes any outfit. I've already worn it twice since I bought it and it didn't even feel like I was repeating a look.

Day 3 - Last Day in Bangkok :(. More street-food and sight-seeing :).

We had Goh Pao Gai (I think that's how its spelt in English) which is a spicy chicken stirfry with veggies and rice. Unbelievably good! Again cost less than a dollar.

Reclining Buddha
You just can't go to Bangkok and not see the Reclining Buddha temple! It's magnificent! The Buddha is HUGE and yet so calm and serene.
Meticulous restoration works at the temple
The Wat Pho (Reclining Buddha temple) is the largest temple in Bangkok. It looks just as majestic on the outside as it does inside. 

All this sight-seeing and touristy-stuff brings us guessed it...Tourist Outfit - 2!

T-shirt Dress + Coral Ballet Flats = 
The Perfect, Summery, Tourist Outfit

T-Shirt Dress: *$30 (Forever New)
Sunnies: $35 (Sportsgirl)
Bag: *$44.95 (Colette)
Coral Ballet Flats : *$15 (Rubi Shoes)
Assorted Bangles: Gift (Lovisa)

Outfit Total: $124.95
* = sale prices

My dress did cause a bit of a problem though, we were told we wouldn't be allowed to enter the Grand Palace because of its length, or lack thereof. TIP: If you want to visit the Grand Palace, wear full pants/a maxi dress - but we didn't really have time for it anyway. That's just something we'll have to leave for the next time we go to Bangkok. That evening we flew out of Bangkok....

Off to Phuket...

Next Post: Phuket Diaries. Coming Soon...


  1. Love that necklace with that top! Definitely makes a statement. Might have to go and find one...

    1. Thanks again, Miss D! :)
      The light turquoise one seems to have sold out - but there's also a Black one on the Forever 21 website:]

  2. haha i recognised that bar from the hangover straight away! :)
    i am soooo amazed that your meals cost around $1! i've heard thailand is cheap but thats some crazy price! looking forward to phuket now :D

    1. Lol! Well done, Krissy! You are a true Hangover fan! ;)

      OMG Thailand is so cheap! Especially when it comes to food. And taxis are super-cheap. But you've got to tip everywhere you go. And because its so cheap you end up spending a lot without even realising.