Saturday, 19 May 2012

Winter Shopping Warm Up

What better way to end a looong work week than by SHOPPING! No better way, I say. And especially since its almost officially winter, one needs to warm up, rug up, work-out or do whatever it takes to be able to bear the chills. And boy does my wallet get a work-out when Forever New has...

BARGAIN ALERT: 40% off sale prices! *shrieks* 

So here's what I bought...

Kaelayn Pussy Bow Blouse
$89.99 down to $69.95 less 40% = $41.97

Nikki Beaded Cropped Jacket
$99.99 down to $69.95 less 40% = $41.97

Brooke Pocket Shirt
$79.99 down to $49.95 less 40% = $29.40
I had a gift card so actually didn't really fork out anything, although I had returned something in the past thanks to which I had the card, but it felt nice to buy such pretty things without having to pay up. The beaded jacket is much prettier and sparklier in real life. I've always wanted a statement jacket, although this isn't exactly what I've wanted, but its a really pretty start. What I want is more like this one...
...again my Gossip Girl influence. :)

Also, I desperately needed a black winter jacket. I know you'll think that a black winter coat wasn't on my A/W WIshlist but if you live in Melbourne, you'll know, a warm black jacket isn't a 'wish' or a 'want' its a 'need', a 'necessity'. Here's what I bought...

$229 down to $99

BARGAIN ALERT: All coats at Portmans are $99 this weekend.

This was just a warm-up, my 2 favourite days are coming up next week.

BARGAIN ALERT: Chadstone VIP Night - 23rd May & Melbourne Central Shopping Festival - 24th May (one day only offers at all stores).

So if you are itching to buy something, just hold on till then (unless its already on sale at a great price ;)) Hope you have a fun weekend! :) Stay warm! xx

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