Thursday, 24 May 2012

Know your rights, Shopper.

Remember my post where I'd mentioned the new winter coat I'd bought from Portmans? Never mind, this is the one. So, you know how it was originally priced at $229 and was down to $99, and I thought that was a great saving (but was still apprehensive about paying that much because I never really buy things for that amount). And remember how I'd advised everyone to hold on any purchases they were planning to make till Chadstone or Melbourne Central VIP night at the end of that same post? The reason I didn't take my own advice was because when I mentioned this to the SA at Portmans that night, she said that the coats special would end that weekend and the VIP night discount would be 30% off the full price. 2 days later I got an email from Portmans about their "sale preview offer for VIPs" which was valid at all stores and the offer included 30% off all stock including sale items and when I checked their website, of course, the coat was still selling at $99. I went to the Melbourne Central store and explained the situation - the ladies there were lovely and really helpful and since I'd kept my receipt, happily refunded $29.70! So now my wonderful winter coat only cost me $70!!!

Moral of the story: ALWAYS KEEP TAGS AND RECEIPTS for at least one week after purchase. If you buy something because a store assistant misled you (albeit, unintentionally or due to lack of information provided to them) and you find yourself out of pocket because it was reduced soon after, explain the situation to senior store staff and see what they can do for you. Of course, every store has different policies and it'll also depend on the circumstance - but no harm in trying. AND if you are having second thoughts about something you bought, return it, exchange it or get a credit note if not a refund, get something later that you'll be happier with and the credit note will make you feel good about not having to actually take money out of your wallet again to pay for something (that's what happened with the tops I bought from Forever New).

OH and the VIP Shopping Nights were great! That's why I haven't had time to update the blog, too busy shopping till late at night ;). Will do a proper post on all the loot soon, but here's a sneak preview of the stuff I got from Chaddy...

I know it looks like the flag of an African country of some sort right now, but more details on this coming soon - also will tell you what I bought from Melbourne Central VIP night (Hint hint: another A/W Wishlist item). Stay tuned!