Monday, 21 May 2012

Hair and more...

On the weekend, I really needed some pampering and so did my hair. My haircut was a month overdue, but my busy work schedule meant I had to keep it low on my list of priorities :(. But once I had gotten all that out of the way, it really felt nice to get my hair washed, head massaged and coffee served to me while Naz, from Biba on Glenferrie Rd. in Hawthorn, gave my hair new life. It was my first time at Biba and it definitely won't be my last. I didn't want anything drastic done, just neater ends, more layers, fringe reshaped and of course glam styling. Naz didn't disappoint! And she's one of the few hairdressers who really understands what "keep the length" means!


I know black on black doesn't really help prove my point (I always wear black when getting a haircut so that bits of hair that fall on my top aren't visible) but you get the picture - I'm really happy with the result AND I get 25% off my next visit. 
The rest of the weekend was fun, too. Friday: dinner+movie - watched 'The Dictator', hilarious! Saturday: friend's birthday dinner. Sunday: lunch+shopping with a girlfriend (shopping for gifts, not for myself). All this eating out - I really need to amp up my cardio. Speaking of cardio, when I was shopping for gifts (yes, shopping = cardio ;)) I found the first thing that was on my A/W Wishlist! A faux fur collar!!

Jacqui E - Foxy Fur Collar
At 30% off $39.95, I paid $27.96.

BARGAIN ALERT: 30% of Belts and Scarves at Jacqui E.

Can't wait to wear this with my new winter coatHope everyone has a great week ahead! 
I leave you with the wise words of Kimora Lee Simmons (a sentence I never thought I would say) -
"Always dress like you're going to see your worst enemy."

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  1. Good going girl! I will follow this blog from now on. Your mother referred me here....