Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Vip Night(s) May 2012

As promised, here's a low-down on the damage I've done to my bank account during the Chadstone and Melbourne Central VIP discount Shopping Nights...

Portmans - Tear Drop Top in Shiraz
Originally $59.95 down to $29.95 less 30% = $20.97

This also covers one of the items on my A/W Wishlist, where I'd said I would like to buy something in a rich, wine colour - what a coincidence then that the colour of this top is referred to as "Shiraz"!

Portmans - Tuck Detail Shell Top in Citrus
Originally $49.95 less 30% = $34.97
This top has a very unique lime colour. Its not as yellow as it looks in the picture. It looks really good IRL. And the maroon nail polish I'm wearing is also from Portmans ($7.95 less 30% = $5.56)
Originally $20 less 20% = $16
Not a bad price for a whacky pair of tights! And it actually looks good with that Citrus top!

Sportsgirl - Blake Plain Drape Cardigan in Charcoal
Originally $49.95 less 15% = $42.46 
I suppose I could cross drapey (asymetric) cardigan off my A/W Wishlist, too with this buy.

IDS - Vintage Floral Dress
Originally $59.90 less 40% = $36

And last but not the least, the most coveted item (by me) on my A/W Wishlist....
Forever New - Sylvie Wool Blend Coat
Originally $149.95 less 15% and I had a Gift Voucher so ended up paying $111
Normally I wouldn't pay that much but this was something I really wanted so I made the exception this time. But no more shopping for a while....

PS: Outfit Photos courtesy my new iPhone 4S :D!!


  1. Love the tights!!! Also loving the FN cape/coat - I saw a similar one that I really wanted also from FN but with faux fur and a ribbon and I think it was a coat, but couldn't justify buying it as I had just spent $130 on a dress as well as other things!

    1. Thanks for the comments, Sue! I know the FN coat you are talking about, its comes in navy and in like a beige clolour. It reminded me of this Tibi trench coat that I'd been obsessing over:

      But I couldn't justify buying both - so went with this one instead. But have still kept the option open of buying the beige one someday, maybe ;)