Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Lunch at Lorne

To cheer my sullen mood, on Sunday Mr. Pre decided to take me for a long drive to get some fresh air and sunshine. We bought a new car a month ago and had been waiting for a chance to break it in by taking it for a long spin (but we had to wait till it had done 1000km to take it on a long-ish journey, according to him - it hit 1000ks on Friday). It was a gorgeous sunny day, with a slight nip in the air - so jumpers on, we drove to Lorne (hey, that kinda rhymes!).

We ate at the Ovenhouse Restaurant. Even though it wasn't warm, the sun, sand and sea were making me feel all summery so we ordered the perfect summery meal for lunch...
Seafood Linhuine with Prawns, Squids and Mussels
Crumbed Calamari
 This followed by Cheesecake and coffee at the bakery next door to the restaurant. Then we just strolled around the strip and walked on the beach enjoying the breaks of sun through cloud. Mr. Pre's iPhone 5 captured the beauty of the day perfectly in this panoramic picture...
Partly Cloudy
 Oooh and look I got a mani+pedi (not at Lorne, previously) with a colour similar to the Chanel one on my Spring/Summer Wishlist. This is OPI's "A Good Mandarin is Hard to Find". Perfect for the beach! I really need to find this "Hard to Find" shade.


  1. Hey ... congratulations for the new car!!! Happy driving!!

  2. Aw your trip to Lorne sounds nice! Is it far to drive? Lately the boy and I have been doing day trips to the Dandenongs, Yarra Valley (which are close to us) and last week we went to Kinglake (pretty far, lol). I imagine you'd have to leave relatively early to spend the day in Lorne!

    Love that panoramic shot - my iphone does that too but its so hard to keep the camera straight and get a good picture! hehe!

    And saganaki = LOVE! I make it at home all the time - well, its called haloumi cheese and then you just fry it and add some lemon juice and its just amaaazing, I could eat a whole block of it haha

    1. Hey Krissy! No, Lorne's not that far. We left at about 11.30am and got there in time for lunch. Strolled around a bit and were back home by 6 (we live in the South Eastern suburbs).

      That's so cool that you can make Saganaki! I love cheese in all its forms! I'm just too lazy to cook so I just make basic stuff over the weekend to get me through the week :p

  3. I love the new colour on your nails! looks like such a fun weekend!