Monday, 8 October 2012

S/S 2012/13 Wishlist

Daylight savings begins. It's official - Winter is over. I'm so excited! I LOVE warm weather! In the winter, I complain on an average around 100 times per day about how cold it is. But you'll never hear me say - it's too hot! Bring on the sunshine! Bring on spring/summer outfits! Time to add some colour to my wardrobe! Time to make a Wish-list! It's a short list this time, so where possible I've tried to include pictures of options.

Zara Glitter Heels
Photo Courtesy: Lucy Laucht

Printed Pants/Trousers

Kit Pinata Purple Nail Polish (or similar)

(A little late on the bandwagon, I know but) An Envelope Clutch


Chanel Holiday Nail Colour (or similar)

Told you it was a short-list. Stay tuned to find out which of these actually end up in my wardrobe (my bet is - All of them!)...

Until then, here's something to think about....


  1. wow great post! love it. i also complain 100 times a day during winter :P especially when i see that queensland's weather is 10 degree's warmer than ours!!

    i like the look of floral pants lately but somehow i think its going to be a short lived trend... imagine all the gross copies popping up in supre!! haha

    and i love the "life is short, buy the shoes" quote...sooo true!

    1. Haha! I've been taking that quote a little to seriously these days, to my own detriment.

      It's true what you said about the pants- that's why I haven't bought them yet - if I don't find something soon that I absolutely love, I'll drop those off my list as it will be too late and I won't get much wear out of them.

  2. You know I actually loved the Envelope Clutches that you have selected on your wishlist!!! Good choice & something really different, yet attractive!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, the solid colours have been around for long, but these prints are a nice new twist to this trend...hope I find a nice one soon!