Thursday, 14 March 2013

Chadstone VIP Night - Autumn/Winter 2013

It's been an unusually warm Autumn. Record breaking temperatures, heat-waves, 9 days above 30 degrees! Certainly doesn't feel like Autumn or like Winter is around the corner. But the retailers want us to get started on buying warm clothes in dark, wintery colours and they're using our favourite four letter word to entice us - SALE! So, even though I'm on a saving-spree, I decided to loosen the purse-strings just a little bit so I could get what I wanted/needed but at less than the original RRP. It was hard to think about what I would want on chilly winter days when it was so warm, so I didn't buy much. But my main purchases were:

Forever New Gemma Shirtdress - 20% off $89.99

Portmans Glamour Stud Heel Ankle Boot - 20% off $49.99
That was it for my shopping apart from a few other basics. And then I wandered over to look at the Sex And The City Exhibition that showcases dresses from the show and the movie. Photos don't do justice to the beautiful clothes TV's most stylish foursome wore, but here's just a little sneak peak of what was on display.

Love that Versace dress (centre) Carrie wears in Paris with "the Russian"! It just goes on and on forever. You could only get away with wearing something like that in Paris - or on SATC!
If you do get a chance, you must try and catch the exhibition while it's still showing, that is, until the 31st of March.
That's it from me for today. Au Revoir!


  1. I really like those ankle boots!!

    1. Thank you! :) They're really comfy, too!

  2. Oh I forgot about Chaddy VIP nights, since neither me or the bf work there anymore!
    But of course, a sale is a good excuse to spend some money!
    I love those boots you got - I'm gonna get some too this winter! :D

    1. Oh I always update VIP night dates on VF :) - its a thread I started and it's the first thing I do when I get the VIP email.
      Portmans surprisingly has a really nice range of ankle boots this winter. You should check it out.