Friday, 15 February 2013

Love the Day of Love

Yes. I'm one of those. I'm a dipped-in-chocolate-coated-with-candy-hugged-by-teddy-bear-bathed-in-rose-petals-struck-by-cupid-kinda-romantic. And I lurve Valentine's Day and doing something special on the day.
So, this year it was his turn to plan VDay. And he did well. All I knew was we had to be in the City by 7pm. And for once, we were there well before time. So, we took some outfit photos.

Engineered Lace Shift Dress: *$83.96 (Portmans)
Mid-heel Black Shoes: $19.95 (Rubi)
Earrings: *$11 (Portmans)

Valentine's Day Outfit Total: $114.91
* = sale prices

And then as we walked along South Bank away from the restaurants and towards the river, I realised, we were going to spend the evening on a floating restaurant!

We had the best seats!

  Gorgeous views! Perfect summer's night! The weather could not have been better. Between courses we could go out on the deck and enjoy the summer breeze, which we happily did.

The only disappointment was that the food wasn't great. It wasn't bad - just very mediocre. So, I won't waste much time talking about it.
 Left from top to bottom: EntrĂ©es - King Prawn Salad, Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli, Main - Chicken with Mushroom Sauce, Mash and Veggies.
Right from top to bottom: Chargrilled Eye Fillet with Roast Veggies and Peppercorn Sauce, Desserts & Cheese platter to share, Our table.

A beautiful evening.
Hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine's Day...or whatever day it is that you choose to celebrate your love!


  1. You look great. You always manage to look stylish, even on a budget. Looks like a really lovely Valentines day

    1. Awww! Thanks, Indi C! You are too kind! :)
      We had a lovely Vday! Hope you did too. :)

  2. Stunning...I am in love with your dress<3

    1. Thank you, gayatri! :) I love the dress, too.