Sunday, 10 February 2013

Friday: After Work

After a long work-week I needed to unwind whilst making the most of the last of the warm days (sigh!) Alumbra at Docklands provided the perfect setting for this. I love the ambience there. And the outdoor area is perfect for after-work drinks with high-rises and yachts floating along the Yarra river as the backdrop.

2 for 1 Happy Hour!

Our view of  Docklands


Apple flavoured Shisha

For dinner we found ourselves back in Hardware Lane. I had a Penne Pasta with Kransky at Il Nostro Posto.

 And now for the most important part: What I Wore ;)
My Day to Night outfit

Green Maxi Dress: *$63 (Portmans)
Pale Gold Filigree Earrings: Gift ($39.95 - Angelique)
Gold Link Bracelet: Gift ($49.95 - Trent Nathan)
Gold Peep-Toe flats: *$10 (Rubi Shoes)
Bag: Usual (*$44.95 - Colette)

Outfit Total: $73
* = sale prices

I've used my trusty Colette bag so much now, I don't think it's fair to include it as an expense. ;) It's great being able to makeup your own rules as you go along. My blog, my rules! ;) Plus I've included the price in there if anyone wants to calculate the value.

And that's all I have to say about that. Have a great week!xoxo


  1. Oh that looks lovely! I never thought of going to Alumbra during the day, I always think of it as a nightclub only! hehe. Love the dress too :)

    1. Thanks :) yeah, Alumbra is great during the day!

  2. Your green maxi is very pretty!! My favourite color!!

    1. Thanks! I almost didn't buy it because I'd bought another maxi dress around the same time as this - but I can safely say - you can never have too many maxi dresses!