Sunday, 3 August 2014

Hawaii - The Sights

We flew to Hawaii for a week last week. It was absolutely wonderful! The weather, the shopping, the relaxing by the pool and beach - it was all perfect. A much needed break. And I hear we avoided some really cold days in Melbourne, so that was a bonus. I'll be putting up some of our photos from the trip in a series of posts. I thought instead of a travel diary by day, I'd do posts by theme, so this is the first - The Sights of Hawaii.

Waikiki Beach

Driving around Oahu Island

Turtle Bay
Turtle Bay Resort

Chinaman's Hat
 Arizona Memorial & King Kamehameha's Palace

Battleship Missouri
"The Ultimate Surrender" Statue
King's Statue & Palace (as seen in opening credits of Hawaii 5.0)
Atlantis Submarine Tour
Heading to the Submarine in a Ferry - Diamond head Crater in the background
111ft deep in the ocean

  Such beautiful sights! Day or night, Hawaii doesn't disappoint. I miss it already!

Coming up next posts on Shopping, Our Hotel & Food, My Outifts....


  1. Replies
    1. Oh it really is! I highly recommend it!

  2. Dreamy!!! Absolutely beautiful and such a nice break from the cold weather! xx

    1. Yes, Ms Jelena being away from the freezing temps in Melbourne definitely was one of the highlights! It was a much needed break.