Sunday, 24 August 2014

Hawaii - The Food (and Drinks)

 I'm struggling to write about my favourite meals in Hawaii. I don't really need to say much. The pictures say it all. I'll just tell you where they were taken.
Blood Orange Mimosa & Superfood Wrap for breakfast (with ocean views) at the Verandah Cafe, Moana Surfrider by Westin - our first meal in Hawaii
An All-American meal complete with Mac & Cheese on the side at the Hard Rock Cafe
We loved it so much, we went back a second time - Hot & Spicy Korean Style Chicken & Rice at the Steak Shack on Waikiki Beach (and it was only about $8)
A "Healthy" Food Truck we stopped at when driving around the island of Oahu - we had a shrimp salad thingy with a side of rice that you could swap for quinoa if you were so inclined
Full Aussie Breakfast at Bills Sydney in Waikiki! 
Bircher Muesli with Pinapple, Melon & Shaved Coconut at Bills Sydney
Yummy Tuna Salad at the Tropics Bar & Grill, Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort
Strawberry Smoothie also at the Tropics
Eel Avocado Roll at Morimoto, The Modern Honolulu (must do!)
Shrimp Tempura Two-ways: with Spicy Kochujan Sauce & Wasabi Aioli and Ranch Sauce (still can't decide which was better). Morimoto at The Modern.
Angry Chiken with Finger Peppers and Spiced Jus that made us very Happy. Morimoto at The Modern.

NY Style Pepperoni Pizza Slice on our last day there, because I couldn't leave America without having one of these! Food Court at the Ala Moana Mall 
My pool-side companions: a Lava Flow, my sunnies and an easy-read
Another variation of the Lava Flow at Duke's Barefoot Bar at the Outrigger
 Highly recommend Morimoto which is a great place for dinner before a night-out on the town with its trendy vibe and contemporary food with manageable portions (seriously, the portions in Hawaii were way too big for me). The Steak Shack was the best place to grab a bite on the beach. And of course we went to the Cheesecake Factory and while the Cheesecakes were great the food and drinks there were nothing to write home about (even more disappointing after the one hour wait). Oh and yes, we did go to Leonard's Bakery for Malasadas, a portuguese doughnut-type thing (absolutely divine) aaand we got a Red Velvet Cupcake to go (don't judge us, we were on a holiday!) Sorry, we scoffed those down before even taking a photo.
Hopefully this post has satiated your appetite for foodie must-dos (or should I say, must-haves) in Oahu.

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