Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Inspirations from the Roaring 20s

Hello all! For those of you who were worrying about my uncharacteristic disappearance, rest assured, I'm still alive - just not living very much. ;p The usual - busy at work, busy at home, spending ban etc. etc. Which is great when you have a lifestyle and fashion blog! ;)
Anyway, I'm finally coming out of this zone and reviving my senses to sniff out inspiring trends to zhuzh up your wardrobe and mine without burning a (big) hole in the pocket.
Speaking of revival and zhuzh-ing up, the 1920s-inspired trends are making a big comeback with the success of Downton Abbey & the much anticipated (and highly publicised) release of Baz Luhrmann's interpretation of The Great Gatsby.

Flapper dresses are no longer restricted to Gangster-themed costume parties. But if looking like an extra from the sets of Gatsby isn't your thing and you still want a taste of the glitz and glam of Old Hollywood, all you have to do is go to the website of your favourite store and type the word "Deco" in the Search field. You will find at least 3-4 styles, if not a whole panel dedicated to Art Deco inspired pieces.
Of course, I delved a little deeper and found these Deco must-haves from our much loved stores and websites that will make any girl feel like they belong in the upstairs world of Downton Abbey even without having inherited the Crawley fortune. ;)

For the evening
ASOS Needle & Thread Era Silk Midi Dress - $279.04
Portmans Pearl Gem Short Necklace - $19.95
Forever New Annabelle Beaded Clutch - $39.99
Forever New Kayleigh Statement Drop Earrings - $16.99
Betts Kiki Heels in Nude or Silver - $74.99

For the day

Myer Morgan & Taylor Felt Cloche - $79.99
Topshop Embellished Flower Vest Top - $60 Approx.
Lovisa Berry Art Deco Strecth Bracelet - $29.99
Portmans Double Bow Trim Gloves - $16.95
Great finds, right?!! And there are many more. Now we can all look the part and give Carey Mulligan a run for her money when we line up at our local cinemas on May 10th. ;) Can't wait! (And any news on the fourth season return of Downton Abbey, please feel free to post about in the comments below - I know it'll only be back in September, though.)


  1. I adore that Asos dress! So classic and timeless.

    1. I know! And yet it looks so fresh and new. That's how you know it's a great dress!