Sunday, 11 November 2012

Pre - the Picky Picker

My updates are a week behind now. So here are some photos of our adventures from last weekend. Last Saturday was the perfect Spring day. 22 deg. C. and sunny. So we went to the Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm in Mornington for yummy strawberry deserts (oh they were so sinfully yummy!) and strawberry picking (much needed exercise after all that food).
Strawberry Sundae, Belgian Waffles, Pancakes with Maple Syrup and Vanilla Bean ice-cream
The farm
 It was cool at first so I had my cardigan on, but soon after walking around in the sun, it was warm enough to take off the cardigan, yet not so warm that we were uncomfortable being in the sun. And even with all the screaming children, running around, strawberry picking to my surprise was actually quite a calming and relaxing experience.
I was being a very picky picker and the area we were meant to pick from hardly had any decent strawberries left by the time we got there.

After about 20-25 minutes of picking (may be more, I'm not quite sure, I lost track of time) my punnet wasn't even half full because I was only after the most flawless berries. 
After the first 25 minutes of picking
My picky-ness paid off - just when I was considering lowering my standards, one of the staff members came and announced that they were opening up a new area to pick from so we had more choice. This was really helpful, as in the new area I found lots of my kind of berries - the kind you see in photos and drawings. Perfect!
The Perfect Strawberry!
And in after about 15 minutes in the new area, my punnet was filled with these!
Full punnet! (Sorry about the hazy photo. It was too bright, I couldn't see what I was doing)
Ah and the most important part! A picky picker's outfit must be comfortable so that all the focus can be on the task of finding the right fruit. I was worried if I wore a dress or flowy skirt the wind would distract me and all I would be worrying about is having Marilyn-Monroe-moments with my skirt flying around. Still, I wanted to wear a skirt so I could walk around without getting too hot. So, I wore a more fitted skirt. Flat, comfortable walking shoes, of course - and it is quite mucky there so they had to be ones that I didn't mind getting dirty and then could easily clean later.

Off-white Lace Top: $39 (Zara)
Pastel Pink Bow front skirt: $19.95 (Valleygirl)
Coral Ballet Flats: *$15 (Rubi Shoes)
Necklace: *$7 (Valleygirl)
Assorted bracelets: Gift (Lovisa)
Sunnies: $35 (Sportsgirl)
Navy Crochet Cardigan: $25 (Temt)

Outfit Total:  $140.95
* = sale prices

After all that toiling in the farm, we got really hungry, but all the cafes around had closed. So we went to the local grocer in Shoreham (I think it was) and had a late lunch-early dinner (or "lunner" as I like to call it). It was exactly what we needed! Carb-a-licious!

Meatlovers Turkish Pide & Coffee
New York Pastrami Sandwich
It was a perfect day! It was only last week but it feels like a long time ago... This last week has just been one long roller-coaster ride. Perfect at first - and then far from - and then a little better again. I just hope it all settles down soon as I'm starting to feel a bit dizzy.


  1. oh that strawberry picking looks so fun! ive been meaning to go there! ^_^
    love your outfit too!

    1. Thanks Krissy! You MUST go! It is really fun and relaxing. My tip - get there early & on an empty stomach. :)

  2. Ooooo ... the strawberries look so yummylicious ... straight out of a picture postcard!! More than the plucking I am impressed with your photography skills!!
    And I must say your outfit looks really really pretty!! And very smart too!!
    My compliments!!

    1. Haha! Thanks! I'm quite pleasantly surprised at the quality of images from my iPhone 4S, too. I couldn't even see what I was doing because of the glare from the sun and was just clicking away randomly, but most of the photos haven't been half-bad.