Sunday, 18 November 2012

Online Shopping

I've been a busy-busy-bee! But haven't been doing anything blog-worthy. Just work and other stuff. But in all this busy-ness I managed to grab a few moments to myself to do some online shopping. I haven't bought anything from ASOS in over six months. Mainly because I haven't had the time to browse through their gazillion pages of products to see if there's anything I like and also because when I saw what I saw, I wasn't impressed. But I had come across this Maxi Dress as I was wanting to get a few for summer so I put it my Saved Items to mull over it. Then I saw this Holster  Ad (and I wasn't looking at the Holsters) on Vogue Forums and everytime I went on there, it kept teasing me and reminding me of the ASOS Dress...
...And this was my (s)inspiration to buy this Asos Dress (AND there was a 20% off Code going around)...
Asos Maxi Dress
 ...and while I was there and I had the discount code, I even decided to sneak this into my Shopping Cart...
ASOS Wrap Dress
 Also, while browsing through Pinterest the other day, I came across this Shirt-Dress (remember a Shirt-Dress is one of the things of my Summer Wishlist) and it was selling on a website called I didn't buy it because a) I've never heard of this website before and didn't know if it was safe - although they do have the option to pay with Paypal and b) the shipping costs more than the dress - although the dress is pretty cheap and even with shipping doesn't come up to much. So, you see how I'm in a dilemma right now of "to buy or not to buy". Shirt Dress
If anyone has ever bought from Pinkbasis and can provide some feedback, do let me know by commenting below. I've actually wanted a turquoise/teal silky shirt-dress ever since I saw someone wearing it at South Yarra train station, but I was on the train and she was on the opposite platform so it wasn't like I could ask her where she got it from (not that I go upto random strangers every opportunity I get and ask them where they bought what they're wearing from).
Anyway, hopefully this coming week I'll have more to share. My prediction for this week is that Venus looks to be moving into the house of Mars, which, loosely translated, means that I'm going to be spending money and Mr.Pre is not going to be happy about it ;). Yes, it's that time of the season again - 

BARGAIN ALERT: Chadstone VIP Night is on Wed. 21st Nov. And they're keeping stores open till Midnight this time! Hope to see you there!

PS: I don't work for/at Chadstone, I just do this purely out of the goodness of my heart. ;)


  1. That first blue dress is gorgeous. Love the colour

    1. Thanks! I'm obsessed with that Cobalt blue colour - love it!

  2. I too absolutely love the royal blue outfit ... and yes the other two colours are very appealing too ...
    Do post your pictures in the blue outfit ... would love to see them !!!

    1. Thanks! It arrived yesterday - I haven't tried it on yet - but will do an outfit post when I wear it.