Monday, 25 June 2012

Zigzag Tights and Zara Blazer

Why do the weekends go so quickly and why does Monday seem to stretch forever! I've had to remind myself about 5 times today that 'its only Monday!' :( Anyway, my weekend was quite chilled out and fun. Caught up with a few friends, all of whom I hadn't seen in a while. Went shopping too. Finally wore the Supre Zigzag tights that I'd bought during the Chadstone VIP Night sale to my shopping-trip with my girlfriend on Saturday...

Love this chain-link ring!
Jacket: $34.95 (Pleather Jacket - Valleygirl)
Red Knit Top: $59.95 (Sportsgirl)
Leggings: *$16 (Supre)
Boots: $39.95 (Rubi)
Bag: *$44.95 (Colette)
Ring: $15 (Topshop)
Gold Collar: Gift

Outfit Total: $210.80
 * = sale prices 
On my shopping-trip I bought this Zara Floral Silk-Satin Blazer (among other things)...

I'd been wanting a floral blazer for a while now and knew Zara had some in their collection, so I'd been visiting the store weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) going all the way to the city from the burbs where I live and work to check if they had it. Plus I have a Gift Voucher for Zara that I wanted to use. Finally on Saturday I saw they had a few blazers out in store, but this one was the one I liked most. 
2 left in my size and 2 women got to the rack the same time as I did-just a fraction quicker than me. Both of them stood there, looking at the blazer, checking it out, contemplating. I just stood in between them both waiting for one of them to give it up for what seemed like about 5 minutes (but it probably wasn't that long) almost wanting to say 'neither of you seem to want it as much as I do, just give it to me!' And then one of them did! Hehe...I feel like I've fought hard for this one, and really earned it. ;)

Atleast now I have something to look forward to in my busy work-week ;). But have to remind myself that one must...

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