Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Accessorising, accessorising we must do our accessorising...

...well! Accessories make or break an outfit - everyone knows that! Some of my accessorising inspirations from here-there-and-everwhere:

Love chunky necklaces!
Never thought I'd be into Neon/Fluoro - but I SO AM!
Colour-blocking isn't just a summer trend!!
Brooches and waist-belts for added glam on work outfits
Bright bag+neutral outfit=GENIUS!
Walk-all-over boots!
Statement bag, shoes, scarf and oooh hair!
With accessories like these all you need is a white tee and blue jeans!
Classic, timeless pieces.

Keep your hands warm...
Digging all her accessories!
Another statement necklace.
Simple and chic.
Some more timeless pieces.

Love the clutch and shoes (but is it wrong, I WANT those pants, too?!!)
What are some of your favourite/staple accessories??....

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