Monday, 30 April 2012

Wild Weekend

If you thought this post was going to be about a crazy Saturday night party, tequilla shots, loud music, fire-twirling, smeared thought wrong. Sorry! The "wild" in my weekend doesn't refer to my Friday or Saturday night's adventures. Friday was a night in with friends, eating pizza, drinking a yummy strawberry+raspberry+champagne concoction and watching 'The Inbetweeners'. Saturday I met some girlfriends for coffee and long conversations! Surprise, surprise! 
The "wild" refers to my weekend's shopping adventures...Bye-bye boys! Hello girls, I knew you'd stay!..The "wild" refers to - you got it, Animal Prints!

Confession: I'm scared of animal prints! But I love them, in small doses. So here's how I decided to inject some fierceness into my (relatively) tame closet.

Original Price $69.99, I got a further 25% off and only paid $52.49

BARGAIN ALERT: If you sign up as a Member at Betts, you get 25% off your purchase.

Sportsgirl - Erin Animal Bamboo Scarf

The other leopard in my wardrobe, is this scarf from Sportsgirl, $19.95 on sale for $9.95.

BARGAIN ALERT: Sportsgirl has $10 off selected scarves and beanies instore.

And here's how I wore the scarf on my evening out with the girls...(yaay! my first outfit post!)

Top: *$35 (Bardot)
Scarf: *$9.95 (Sportsgirl)
Bag: *$20 (Forever New)
Jeans: *$69 (Jeanswest)
Shoes: *$15 (Rubi)
Earrings: *$11 (Portmans)

Outfit Total: $159.95
* = sale prices

(Bad photos: courtesy my Blackberry not-so-Smartphone :( can't wait to get my iPhone in June!)

I wore the flats to work today. Unfortunately, I don't have pics but just FYI, I wore it with a red full-sleeves top, white cardigan, grey coat (its bloody cold in Melbourne!), jeans and dull/oxidised gold bracelet and necklace, with my hair tied up in a high bun.

Signing out for now, see you next time...where the wild things are ;)....


  1. Loving your blog so far! I've just started a blog and I'm a total budget shopper too! Did you only buy those boots recently? Such a bargain!

  2. Thanks, @ramastar!! And thanks for leaving the FIRST comment on this blog!! :D
    I bought these boots towards the end of winter last year, so not very recent and it was just coincidence that they'd been marked down the day I went to buy them because I was happy to pay full price. But they have a black version instore now - its called the Bella boot, they might bring back the taupe so keep checking, you never know! HTH.
    Would love to read your blog, too. Do send me a link. :)

  3. ETA: Oops! Sorry, I found you :) ...i'm such a blog-newb!
    Following you back & congrats on the little bundle of joy that's on its way! :D Happy-blogging!