Sunday, 28 June 2015


If you've been following me on Instagram, you would know that a couple of months ago I was holidaying in India & Dubai. Here are a few photos I thought I'd share from my Dubai trip...
View from our room at the Arabian Courtyrad Hotel of the Dubai Museum

A quick coffee and a browse through The Atlantis Hotel at The Palm Jumeirah

The aquarium at Atlantis

  Sightseeing in Dubai Outfit:

Dress: *$80 (BCBG bought at a Sample Sale)
Flats: $49.95 (Zara)

 Outfit Total: $129.95
* = sale prices

Ibn Batuta Mall - Persia Court

Dubai Skyline
Driving past Burj Khalifa
Dancing Fountains at the Dubai Mall with Burj Khalifa in the background
Desserts at Cafe Blanc in Dubai Mall

Desert Safari - A MUST DO
Entertainment at the Desert Safari

My cousins & I recreating the SATC2 moment

 Desert Safari Outfit:

Offshoulder Top: $29.95 (Seed)
Chambray Baggy Pants: *$79.95 (Seed)
Comfy Shoes: $5 (Local convenient store in Dubai just to wear for Safari)

Outfit Total: $114.9
* = sale prices

Accessorised with Prada sunnies and Kate Spade bangle and other bracelets. These accessories I wear quite often and they have more than delivered on their cost:wear ratio so I won't count them in the outfit total. Cool?!

Dubai was so much fun! Can't wait to go back again. There's something for everyone there. Especially shopaholics like me! And malls like Ibn Batuta aren't just great for shopping, their unique concepts make it almost a day-trip destination.

Signing off now that it's turned into such a long post. Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of Dubai. Until next time...


  1. I love what you wearing, specially the dress & the price you got it for it such a steal!! Your outfit for safari looks so comfy,it was very smart of you to ditch the jeans considering it can be quite hot in Dubai.

    1. Thanks for your comment @Misty Aria! I did get lucky with that dress and those pants from Seed are my go-to piece in hot summers!