Sunday, 15 March 2015

Colours of this season

Marc Jacobs predicted last year that the colours of the seasons were going to inter-change. Summer was going to be heavy, dark, mostly black and white and winter was going to be soft pastels and neutrals. And if Marc Jacobs says so, so it must be. Neutrals, pinks, taupes and a little bit of blue for a pop are the colours of this season. And especially for us here in the southern hemisphere being in the opposite season from our northern counterparts, waking up to bloggers all over the world getting ready for Spring, we can't help but subconsciously be inspired by soft blush tones of newly blooming flowers or bright blue hues of a clear sky! And you'll see these colours everywhere! Not just in clothes, but in homewares, in gourmet food, in art, anything that is current. I'm loving this change! Can't wait to freshen up my winter wardrobe! Lucky Chadstone VIP night is around the corner.

 Can't believe I'm about to say this but...bring on winter! (I may regret saying this in a few weeks though)

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