Sunday, 8 June 2014

Wombat Hill and the Outfit Blunder

The (much needed) long weekend is here! And so we decided to get out of Melbourne for the day (genius plan, I know!) for some fresh air. So, we drove upto Daylesford and decided to wander around the Wombat Hill Gardens and grab a bite at the Cafe.

I had the Cottage Pie with salad (it came with a green salad but I swapped it for the Quinoa & pumpkin salad they had on display as it looked beautiful) and tomato chutney. Perfect meal for a wintery day.

Mr. Pre had the yummy beef roll with chips, salad and tomato chutney.

So, the air was fresher than I expected up there and the blunder I made was not carrying a warm enough jacket. Rookie mistake. The chivalrous Mr. Pre came to my rescue and like the hero of a mushy, romantic movie, took off his own hoodie just so I could be warm (and so that he wouldn't have to listen to anymore whinging about how cold I was). I, however, felt too guilty making him pay for my mistake and like the heroine of a movie yet to be made, took off the jacket and gave it back to him and continued to suffer in the cold with just a cardigan over my top (and continued to whinge about it). But we didn't stay outdoors for too long so it was fine. I kept it on for long enough to take an outfit photo, though. May have started a new trend here with the "Husband Hoodie" (sophisticated twist on the "Boyfriend Blazer").

My Blunder-ful Outfit:

Navy & White Stripe top: *$10 (Valleygirl)
Black Cardigan (not visible in the photo): *$15 
Red Chinos: *$25 (Zara)
Black Ballet Flats: $12 (H&M)
Tote Bag: *$71.96 (Seed)
Husband Hoodie: *$49 (Gap)

Outfit Total: $182.96
* = sale prices

 For a little more warmth we went into this cozy bakery on Vincent St. to have another coffee accompanies buy a Vanilla Slice and Lamington to share...mmm...I want to go back. Soon hopefully and well equipped this time for the nippy weather.


  1. The pie looks delicious! Getting away for the long weekend is definitely a good idea.

    1. The pie was so perfect for a cold wintery day! I highly recommend the Wombat Hill Cafe if you're in the area.