Thursday, 1 May 2014

Online Shopping

So, finally a few days ago, I succumbed to the temptations thrown at me by ASOS. Yes, I blame ASOS! I had a few items saved from when I was browsing and they were already on sale, so when ASOS said I could take a further 20% off the sale prices, I couldn't resist anymore. Here's what I got...

These are some of my photos from Instagram (have you checked out my Instagram account yet @fashionsansfortune). I'm glad the jacket doesn't look too glittery or jazzy irl. And its quite soft and warm, too. I haven't tried on the dress yet (oh, yes the one on the right is a dress). Links to the styles and clearer photos below...

ASOS Lace And Floral Kimono Dress
ASOS Knitted Bomber With Quilted Metallic Fabric
This is not an editorial, nor am I affiliated with ASOS in any way - but I have to say it's my favourite online store. I haven't bought from any other site as much as I have bought from ASOS. Even back in the day when they used to charge delivery fees, in Pounds! May be its partly that loyalty+nostalgia factor as well, as this was the first online shopping destination I discovered, and now they've made it big so I always go back. Even though the quality and fit can be hit and miss, I find they're very reliable and the website itself is user-friendly.
What other websites do you like? Would love to know what some other favourites are.

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  1. I use "ShopStyle" by Pop Sugar. It is a search engine that crawls all the most relevant fashion retailers. If you are well versed in current fashion terminology, this site does fairly good job of producing results.

    And I know you know, Pre ;)

    And for those of us who are too busy to spend time on the web, "Like" ing these sites on Facebook makes it easier to keep up with new, thematic, seasonal items. I love their feeds on makeup, accessories, and handbags.