Sunday, 23 March 2014

Shopping Spree

Another VIP night, some more damage to my bank account. But it's been a while and I deserved it (at least I think so) and I bought things that I'd been wanting for a while, filling gaps in my wardrobe. Here's what I got...
Large Tote Bag from Seed - 20% off

Stripe Maxi Dress from Seed - 25% off sale price
 Black Soft Leather Boots from Santini - 25% off
Tan (more Tan and less brown than they look in this photo) Microsuede Ankle Boots from Santini - 25% off

Denim Shirt from Forever New - 20% off
All set for autumn!


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah! It has a really nice, soft hand feel to it. And it's not too light -so just right for the cooler days coming up....I'd wanted something like this for very long!