Saturday, 15 February 2014

Looking Back!

Here's an incomplete post that I had started drafting but never published... it's strangely comforting to look back at how things were back then, so I'll share this with you anyway even though some of the information may seem outdated now.

November 2013: 
Blogosphere, I have missed you! To those who might have thought I've been too lazy to update my blog, it's actually the opposite - I've been working too hard and not playing hard enough and have had absolutely ZERO time for myself over the past month and a half. So, I'm glad for this midweek holiday of Cup Day - thank goodness this Race stops the nation because in my world I definitely needed a pause.

Ok, enough complaining. Let's focus on the positives. I haven't done much shopping but I have a few photos to share from my birthday celebrations a few weeks ago (September)...

Black Silk Tank: *$5 (Dotti)
Helena Embellished Skirt: *$75.99 (Forever New - now available in Mint)
Demask Pattern necklace: *$14.99 (Equip)
Gold Clutch: *$22 (Colette)
Pointed Black Heels: *$24 (Asos)
Assorted Bracelets: *$15 (Forever New)

Birthday Outfit Total: $156.98
* = sale prices

We had a great night with great friends with great Asian Tapas and Drinks at Golden Monkey. Highly recommend this place.

Later that night we went to Khokolat Bar aslo in Hardware Lane to continue the celebrations. And I had this AMAZING cocktail, fit for a fashionista called Coco Chanel: An elegantly decadent blend of Hennessy VSOP, Mozart chocolate liqueur, caramelised sugar and thick rich cream, drizzled with vanilla syrup. YUM!

The next day, I received my Birthday Gift from Mr. Pre! It was sitting in the car waiting for me as we were rushing out for lunch. He did SO well!

It was a Happy Birthday! :D