Sunday, 14 July 2013

Weekend Dinner Outfit

What do you wear to a weekend dinner out with the beau when it's cold outside? Do you suffer a little for fashion? Or dress for comfort? I do a little bit of both sometimes. Honestly, it depends on where we're going really and also how we're getting there. Since we were going to a nice place and were going to mainly remain indoors shielded from the chilly winds, I decided to brave the cold and wear a skirt (I could've worn tights but it wasn't too bad without them). But also, made sure I could brisk walk so I wasn't in the cold for too long, and only ballet flats could help achieve that. So here's my Weekend Dinner outfit:

Black Silk Tank: *$5 (Dotti)
Black Cardigan: *$24 (Cotton On)
Bow Necklace in Soft-Gold: $19.95 - Portmans
Siri Pleated Skirt: *$23.99 (Forever New)
Red Wallet/Clutch: $30 (Charles & Keith - Singapore Airport T3)

Outfit Total: $160.94
* = sale prices

I had well and truly worn out my Santini Blitz Ballet Flats bought almost a year ago and it was my go-to pair for work and play. But I loved the style, comfort and versatility of it. Luckily I found a very similar pair at Forever New - so I grabbed them instantly! Not as comfortable as the Santini ones which were really soft, but it does the job.

Short post today. Will come back with more soon. I will leave you with words that have been motivating me lately...
"Slow progress is better than no progress."


  1. Loved your outfit .Necklace & Skirt is so chic!

    1. Thanks! I do love that necklace. I've been wearing it quite often.