Monday, 17 June 2013

The Project

The last 10 days have been pretty eventful. That's why I haven't had the time to blog - I've been out there, actually living life for a change. ;) The next few posts are NOT going to be in chronological order, but you don't mind that, do you? No? Great!

So, we did something very unusual and exciting after work last Tuesday (which is very unlike us). We were part of Channel Ten's The Project's live studio audience! It was the day of the Brad Pitt interview - sadly, that part was pre-recorded, but it was still great fun to be part of all the buzz. Backstage, we got to hear stories about the crew gushing over Brad (who wouldn't?!) and how Dave and Carrie embarrassed themselves in front of the Star.

During every ad break, Hughesy would come up to the audience, interact with us and make jokes. It was quite entertaining. I'm surprised how he manages to do that without losing focus, because they'd interrupt him mid-joke and give him about 30 seconds notice before he had to stop chit-chatting and be camera-ready for LIVE tv!

We were not allowed to take photos in the studio. The 2 images above are courtesy The Project's official website.

In the ad breaks, one of the Producers, Dan also kept us entertained by quizzing us on Hollywood Trivia and gave movie tickets and Network Ten goodie-bags to those enlightened few who got the answers right.
If you want to be a part of the show, tickets are free! All you've got to do is email them with your preferred dates and the number of seats you'd like. It's a really fun, unique way to spend your otherwise boring weekday evenings. Even if you don't live in Melbourne, let them know when you plan to come down next. Most people in the audience were out-of-towners when we went. Details here.

I did take one photo outside the studio, though. Just to prove I was really there. ;) (Anybody can go there and get clicked, you say? Well, proof is in the yellow stage-pass band on my right hand. :))

Studio Audience/Tuesday Work Outfit
Red Shift Dress: *$35 (Forever New)
Cropped Navy Blazer: *$25 (Jeanswest)
Black Tights: *$8 (Target)
Glitz Black Bling Flats: *$60 (Santini)
And FINALLY a NEW BAG!: *$53 (Forever New)

Outfit Total: $181
* = sale prices

Oh and on their website you can also find out who Carrie's (and sometimes Charlie's or Rochy's) outfits are by over here. The day we went, 11th June, Carrie was wearing a Manning Cartell dress and Peeptoe shoes.

More outfit posts coming soon. Stay tuned...

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