Monday, 21 January 2013

What I would wear to the Golden Globes

So, you've been bombarded with images of the Golden Globes' Red Carpet from every source possible. Best dressed, worst dressed, hot or not, fab or fugly. But this is different - this is the Golden Globe Red Carpet round up with a twist. It's from MY point-of-view. No, really, literally MY point-of-view as in what I would wear if I went to the Globes. ;)
Come on! Admit it. Everyone at some point has fantasized about living the life of a celebrity - especially wearing pretty (expensive) dresses and jewellery, getting made up and walking the red carpet to an exclusive event while paparazzi are yelling out your name and fighting each other to get the best shot of your outfit whilst you reveal the names of the lovely designers who were so kind as to dress you in the gorgeous outfit that you are wearing! 
So, here I am, sharing my fantasy with all of you. 
If I were walking the Golden Globe 2013 Red Carpet, I would...

Well, first of all, I would have to find a dress to suit my pear-shaped figure. So, may be something cinched in at the waist with a fuller skirt at the bottom to hide the bits I want to hide. Like this:
Jennifer Lawrence in a Dior dress
Or a dress that's a little baggy on top, again with a cinched waist and then a little fitted but flowy on the bottom, like this gorgeous number that Lea Michelle was wearing:
Lia Michele wearing Elie Saab
But I like colour. I wouldn't wear a white dress or even a black dress because they usually just get lost in the crowd. Unless you are Eva Longoria and wearing a backless, frontless, bottomless gown that still manages to look classy:
Eva Longoria in a custom Emilio Pucci
But still, I would want colour. And hot as Claire Danes looks in this Red Versace, especially just a month after giving birth! Red on the red carpet is too cliché:
Claire Danes in Atelier Versace
Even if I did decide to wear red, it would be in a wintery shade, since it's a winter event. Like what Jennifer Garner was wearing:
Jennifer Garner dressed in Vivienne Westwood
Not that in my quest for colour, I would want to go the Alyssa Milano route! No way! People would have to get their sunglasses out while talking to me, because that colour from head-to-toe would hurt your eyes.
Alyssa Milano in a Ports 1961 gown
And as much as I love nude, embellished gowns, like this one Isla Fisher was wearing:
Isla Fisher in Reem Acra
I couldn't wear that dress, as it wouldn't suit my figure. And great as embellished gowns look on the Red Carpet - you want to save your more stunning outfits for later in the Awards season. The Globes are just the beginning. You want to start on a great note but save your really killer dress for the Oscars - because that's just a whole, different ball(gown) game!

Also, I would stay away from large prints and motifs (I'm not even going to bother posting Lucy Liu's disastrous dress' photos) as they don't flatter a fuller figure. Even Tina Fey looks awkward - and she never looks awkward!
Tina Fey in L'Wren Scott
Something sleek and glamorous like what Michele Dockery wore would be perfect! To me, she was one of the best dressed of the night!
Michele Dockery wearing Alexandre Vauthier
 The detailing on the top and the slender fit of the garment helps accentuate the top half while flattering the lower half. I could wear something like that in a darker, wintery colour to better suit my figure. May be a maroon colour like Taylor Swift's dress:
Taylor Swift in Donna Karan
Or a dark navy like this (although you can hardly see the colour in this dress):
Julianna Margulies' Emilio Pucci dress
Perfect! Michele Dockery's dress in the colour of Julianna Margulies' dress. With the top lace portion in a silver/grey colour like what Kristen Bell had on her dress:
Kristen Bell wearing a Jenny Packham dress
I would keep my makeup simple and natural but with the eyes accentuated like Michele Dockery's:
But since my hair is (much much) longer, I would wear it up like Emma Roberts, with a head-band may be:
I wouldn't need much jewellery as the dress is so gorgeous! But I would probably wear a nice pair of earrings since my hair is up. Probably diamond and emerald ones like Lea Michele's: 
Lea Michel wearing Lorraine Schwartz jewellery
And a delicate Bracelet like Anne Hathaway's:
Anna Hathaway's Chanel Joaillerie bracelet
Add a pair of Loboutin heels to that and I'm all set to dazzle the Red Carpet at the Beverly Hilton Hotel! (If only!)

Wow! That was fun! Who else wants to try this on for size?
I would love to know what YOU would want to wear to the Golden Globes. Share your Red-Carpet-Fantasy in the Comments below or leave a link to your blog if you've written a detailed post like this one, too. Or let me know what you think of my take on the Red Carpet hits and misses.


  1. What a commendable analysis you have done .... its like a research story on what to wear and what not to wear at award ceremonies! A marvellous piece of work ...!!!! You should be a consultant ...

    1. Haha! Thanks! A rather looong analysis, now that I look back. I would be a terrible Stylist because I would end up shopping more for myself than for my clients! ;) :p

  2. loved all of your picks! J. Lawrence, Lea Michelle, & Isla Fisher were my favorite!

    check out my fashion illustration giveaway :-)