Friday, 14 December 2012

Spend or Splurge

I must have some kind of magical powers or something, don't you think? I'm getting really good at disappearing into thin air! ;) 'Tis the "silly season" after all. And I'm going overseas next week, so its fast-tracked silly season on steroids for me. Anyway, whilst I've been shopping (more like window shopping because I've already blown my budget) online and instores, I've found a few perfect-for-party-season pieces. And since I'm not buying anything for myself anymore, I thought I would share it with all my readers - 'tis the season of spreading joy after all ;)...'tis also the season of legitimately getting away with wearing bright red, gold/silver, green or all 3 together - okay, may be not all 3 together but you know what I mean - of looking festive! So, whether its your end-of-year work party or a Christmas dinner with the family, it's all about being bright and bold but elegant. In my quest to find these perfect outfit, I came across styles for different kinds of fashionistas - the Spenders and the Splurgers! So, here's my very first compilation of a Spend or Splurge list...

The Dress:
Spend: Asos Lace Dress - $76.50
Splurge: Lover the Label Dress - $740

The Clutch:
Spend: Witchery Paris Sparkle Clutch - $89.99
Splurge: Jimmy Choo Candy Clutch in Champagne - $525

The Shoes:
Spend: Forever New Misty Diamante Platform - $89.99
Splurge: Peeptoe Miss Indulgence Heels with Swarovski Elements - $599
 The Jewelry:
Spend: Lovisa Crystal Chandelier - $29.99
Splurge: Kate Spade Fragment Pearl Earrings - $78
Hope you find your inspiration in these! And no matter what you do, say or wear, I hope you enjoy the Holiday Season!!


  1. I love the Asos dress WAY better than that Lover Dress!

    Have fun overseas!! :) Where are you off to?

    1. Lol! And I like the Lovisa earrings way better than the Kate Spade ones. Just goes to show Expensive is not always Better.
      I'm going to India! :D

  2. the clutches, the shoes, the dreses!!!

    Help me get to 500 readers

  3. Spend dress is way better than the splurge!!

    Have an amazing time in India x