Sunday, 15 July 2012

A girl can never have too many shoes (or jackets, or necklaces)

On Friday night I was planning to go out with some friends and wanted a pair of shoes to go with my outfit. So I set off to Chadstone to buy a pair of shoes...but came home with three...and a jacket...and a necklace (although I had planned to buy the necklace, but the 2 shoes and jacket were unplanned purchases).

Lipstik New York Black Wedges - $40 down from $79.95

Lipstik Racey Black/Cobalt - $38 down from $89.95
Santini Glitz Black Bling Ballet Flats - $60 down from $120

Dotti Necklace in Gunmetal - $25
The Dotti Jacket is officially the most expensive thing I own and I normally wouldn't pay that much for a jacket but even a budget fashionista breaks her budget once in a while. Plus it was a Friday night, I had had a long, hard week at work, I was too tired to argue and reason with myself and decided I deserved a treat! Also, its so versatile and actually looks more expensive than it is and is quite warm, so I'm quite happy with it and know that I will get a lot of use out of it. And the Santini ballet flats as well, weren't something I needed either but they're super comfy and add instant glam to any outfit!

All in all I'm quite happy with my purchases. :) (But I will have to go on a serious shopping-ban for a while now. SERIOUS!)

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